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ear candling?

anyone ever heard of this or tried it?


  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Heard of it… but never tried it. My husband recently read something about it not working… that its just the wax from the candle that comes out… not your ear.

    Anyone know if this is true? I had my ears cleaned once at my doctors office… the nurse there did it for me… this was many years ago.

  • I’ve never done it, but friends of mine have. They said that after the candles were finished, they cut them open and looked through the “gunk.” Among other things, they found a spider leg! You never know what crawls where… I think it works, based on their experience.

  • Yes it works. My ears get clogged really easily for some reason and I use ear candles. If you try it and do it right you will see that there is no way that the wax that comes out is from the candle, it is definatelly ear wax. Personally I can also tell the difference in my ears feeling less clogged right after ear candling.

  • I truly don’t like to talk any modality down especially since we are all different and some things work for some and not for others. That being said I did not have a wonderful experience. I would lose my hearing in one of my ears for about 10 days after session and I was told that it was working the old stuff out. After 4 sessions I stopped and I’ve had some hearing loss as well as other ear problems since. That was just my experience, hopefully your experience will be a positive one.

  • I’ve done this before and I think it worked. It wasn’t as much as i thought it would be but it definatly was not the wax from the candle. Also- my father in law had them done first when he was in the airforce b/c he was having hearing problems and his came out with like a disgusting amount of junk. I’d do it if I were you—it does no harm and you’ll probably get some gunk out.

  • I have had it done a couple of times and have had no bad experiences with it. I do think it does work. It’s been a while, but since you reminded me I think I will go buy some soon. I do recommend you have an expert do it or a friend who knows what they are doing.

    It does feel strange while it is being done, but I think most will find they will like the results.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    I was told that you need to do at least 2 candles per ear at a time. How many did you all do?

  • both my husband and I have both done it and we have gotten quite a bit of gunk out. we usually will do between 2-4 per ear depending on how much each draws out. there are dangers like the wax actually dripping back down INTO the ear so follow the directions very carefully and have someone help you do it. I did experience a little bit of discomfort after on one ear, you should always use either olive oil or an ear oil formula with herbs to help prevent infection afterwards then stuff with cotton balls. I find it very relaxing and exciting to see whats going to come out. sometimes its full on dark yellow wax, other times it just white powdery stuff (they say that might be candida) with just a little yellow wax. I guess in a way it’s the same sort of gratification of popping a pimple or something like that, at least it is to me!
    good luck, hope that helped.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I bought some at my local health food shop and just did it on myself at home. It was lovely!andd I’vedone it a few times. Can’t see the need for paying someone to do it for you unless you want to really let go and go to sleep, which you can’t do it you’re holding the candle.
    All kinds of gunk comes out and it feels like a massage in your ear while it is happening. You can hear the flame burining which is kind of soothing aswell. I really enjoy it.It’s nothing like having your ears syringed it is a much more relaxing therapy, not a clinical white coat type of treatment experience.
    Some brands are better than others though, its a case of you get what you pay for.
    I only use 1 candle per ear.

    You can tell it is gunk from your ear and not from the candle, it is pretty obvious,try it and see!

  • I don’t think ear candling worked for me when I tried it—
    It just made a kind of crackling sound in my ear the whole time it was burning and then nothing else, really. (Plus my dad was really amused by it and was taking pictures.)
    I’m pretty sure that the gunk inside the candle afterwards was melted candle debris.

    I did it because when I was on a trip in Florida, a wave hit the side of my head and my right side ear was clogged for about a month or two after. It finally just cleared out itself and not because of the candling.

    Maybe it will work for you, though!

  • I am bumping up an old topic.

    I just got an email for the RawSpirit newsletter and there was a little blog on there about how Angela Stokes did an ear candling and a bunch of junk came out.

    Scroll down for the pic and story: http://mattmonarch.blogspot.com/

    I was always a skeptic about the ear candling and because I have hearing loss already I have been afraid to try to. But now I am wondering if my hearing loss could be caused by a lot of debris in there. I was quite interested to see Angela experience because you hear so little about raw, detox and ears.

    I also read a few comments about how some have said they hear better after the ear candling.

    When I started “losing my hearing”, my ENT looked in the ear with that snake scope thingy and didn’t see any obstruction. I guess I am not wondering if I could have an obstruction somewhere (like it sounds like Anglea Stokes did) where the scope thing could not see.

    Just wondering if anyone has any more stories about ear candling and some suggestions about where to do go to get it done. Because of hearing problems (I wear hearing aids too) I want to have it done by a pro (with the beeswax natural candles) – I am too chicken to do it myself, I would be too nervous – and preferably by someone who has a “natural/raw health” background or at least believes in it.

    Any suggestions of where to go? I am thinking a regular salon would be out since they probably use paraffin candles. I am in the SF area so if anyone has a good recommendation around here, I would appreciate it.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Thanks for the link queenfluff! I did it years ago and I’ve been meaning to do it again! My husband helped me, although, he was HIGHLY skeptical and mystified when I asked him. I did find it helpful with my hearing. When I transitioned to 100% raw earlier this summer one of my ears starting hurting as if blocked and then eventually cleared. I actually didn’t know you could have it done for you, my husband did a great job!

  • shabeypshabeyp Raw Newbie
    dnacol said:

    anyone ever heard of this or tried it?

     I cleaned my ears using bee wax candles , they are more effective than paradin candles.

    In the first ear  wax candle I got  a LOT of petrified ear wax , immediately my husband apply the second ear candle OMG it came out the double amount of ear wax, yellow dust an debris from my ear, then we continue with my right ear first ear candle came out very loaded then second ear candle super full of hard ear wax.

    The basic tricks are: first, make a shield out of a carton box, big paper plate etc, make a hole in your shield and then connect the extreme hole of the candle in your ear  allowing the candle to stay in the orifice of your ear canal ,  when the candle is set,  burn the extreme of the candle , let the candle work until 2 IN INCHES ( the closer the fire gets to the bottom of the candle IS WHEN THE CANDLE REALLY SUCTIONS A LOT.

    Have a bowl  with water to immerse the burn candle to turn the fire off.

    And to finalize the procedure open unfold the rest of the ear candle and inspect the content from your ear.

    You will be surprise how neat and safe this method works.

    I usually paid 50 dollars for cleaning , I purchased a set of 20 candles for $30.00 for my entire family. 

    Hope this help .

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    That's really informative, habeyp. Thanks for the info :) 

    Do you know if there is any real difference between the ear candles that have the little plastic filters in them and the ones that don't? 

  • shabeypshabeyp Raw Newbie

    Hi ClaireT , the difference between BEE WAX and other material like parafin of the one with plastic filters is that bee wax does not drip wich is very dangerous if you got a hot melted drip on your ear, face etc.

    I found a maker in ebay who ships from Poland, those are the best candles I have used . i order a package with 20 candles and take about 10 to 12 dias to arrived to my address.

    Here is the link if this help you :  http://www.ebay.com/itm/251924743505?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT


  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Thanks for the info :) I always wondered about the ones with the filters. They didn't seem to work as well either. 

  • I did a lot of research and basically the don't do what people claim. Although some people swear it offers relief. My ears were feeling congested, so I decided even if it doesn't extract earwax I would try it for some relief.

    After ear candling, the first ear felt a little more congested at first and then back to normal. OMG the second ear, hot wax from the inside of the candle dripped into my ear and wasn't horrendously hot but hot enough to cause extreme pain. Now my hearing is worse off and I have a terrible earache in the second ear. I followed all instructions including the candle being straight so wax does not drip into ear. Also the first candle I put out at 3 inches and the second didn't get that far before i immediately yanked candle away after hot wax fell into ear. When examining what was left, I could see that the first candle was maybe a micrometer from falling into the other ear.

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!! Extreme pain and only wax in tube was from the candle.

    If anyone has suggestions on pain relief for the second ear please respond because this isn't pleasant. I was able to remove some of the wax from candle out of my ear, hopefully I got it all. But my ear is throbbing as I type this. Again, I wouldn't try this if I were you, and if you have children please don't use this on them because I would hate to see what happened to me happen to a child.


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