What are good online sites to purchase raw items? Is there a online store that has nuts,cocoa and etc? I’d like to buy items for the best price. Price is important. I’m new to eating raw,but ready to branch out and try some of the wonderful recipes that is listed on this site. Also,is it necessary to buy both cocoa nibs and in powdered form? Are they interchangable?


  • I buy mine from (cacao, coconut oil, hemp seeds, agave nectar, maca, etc…) with free shipping if over $25. I have ordered items from (but they’re expensive). Just google on raw foods and you’ll get a list of links to check out.

  • I have looked at Amazon(I LOVE AMAZON!!) but I know the items come in bulk. Since I’m new I wasn’t certain if I should invest so much the first time buying. When I have googled I find that there are sooo many sites I don’t know how the choose one.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    I haven’t found one online source for all things. I shop at another good store is Bulk foods has a lot of cooked products (roasted nuts etc.) and lots of natural raw nuts and seeds. They also have dried fruits with no sugar or sulphur added. I buy goji berries, nuts and seeds there. Free shipping over $75. with a handling fee of $4.95 for any size order.

  • I really appreciate this. I’m stepping out to an unknown,but I have faith that all will be well.

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