Raw Coaching Weekend Special! 1 hour session at the half hour price!

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Hello all,

I have one opening on Saturday mornings and two on Sunday mornings (Pacific time) that I would love to fill so for a limited time I am offering one hour raw coaching sessions at the half hour price. You’ll receive a full hour of coaching for $40.00. The usual price is $60.00.

I love to help you accomplish your raw goals!

I can help you:

Develop a transition plan

Learn to deal with the challenges of cooked food cravings, eating in restaurants, and social gatherings and special occasions.

Overcome emotional eating and have a natural, peaceful relationship with food

Develop a comprehensive raw diet lifestyle system, ie… what and when to buy, how to plan meals, how to fit raw into your busy lifestyle

Develop a successful raw weight loss plan

Contact me via my website: www.rawhealing.com


Audrey www.rawhealing.com

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