Happy to be on this journey!

Hi! I’m 29 and currently living in Vermont. I recent became an ovo-vegetarian for over a year and felt the best I ever have. About August of last year I decided to go raw vegan. After the first week of my body adjusting, my metabolism shot up and I didn’t suffer from blood sugar drops any more. I have always been a bit overweight and neither cutting calories nor working out have helped. Eating raw the weight has been coming off slowly and I still have a high energy level (unlike cutting calories.) A few months ago I cheated and all of my craving came back and I gave in. Needless to say I started feeling sluggish again and my food cravings came back. (I am a huge refined carb craver when it hits!) I’m trying again, going as close to 100% as I can and also avoiding foods that are toxic in their raw state. I’ve also had my cat join me on this raw journey, but as a raw carnivore. I absolutely love this website! The recipes are great and everyone has been so upbeat and are very respectful on the forums even when they don’t agree. Thanks for creating such a great community!


  • Hi Orchid,nice to meet/write you.I love this site too. I’m raw since January,and I fell great. I love the raw sweets because I am a sweet freak.I juice a lot too,veggies and fruits.A month ago I ate a non raw ice cream and I got a huge allergy. I think from now on I’ll eat only natural and raw sweets.It’s a process and I am ok with that.I don’t fell guilt or beat myself up anymore.I’m getting in a better place,and my body is adjusting and getting healthier.

  • PamPam

    Hi Orchid. Welcome! This is a great community, isn’t it? Do you live in or near Burlington?

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