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BlendTec vs. VitaMix!

germin8germin8 Raw Master
UPDATE: THIS IS A COMPARISON BETWEEN THE VITA-MIX and BLENDTEC (WITH 3" BLADE & 2 Qt. CONTAINER.) SINCE POSTING, BLENDTEC HAS COME OUT WITH A 3 Qt CONTAINER and 4" BLADE which seems to be far better than the VitaMix. Catch is, you have to buy the "lesser" BlendTec and buy the bigger container... not to mention, I still don't like push buttons and prefer manual control... and I like using the tamper... but I haven't used the new BlendTec container - yet. Now, if BlendTec could work on the warranty... that would be great. The new container with the 4" blade seems to work far better than the 3" blade container... we'll see if BlendTec can last as long as VitaMix though. Thanks to waterbaby12347 for posting this link http://mattmonarch.blogspot.com/2009/10/vitamix-vs-blendtec-total-blender.html on this post http://goneraw.com/forum/blender-type-answer-matt-angelia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Original post now follows: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hello all. I have finally used both the BlendTec and VitaMix… and want to give my two cents.

I heard so many good things about BlendTec, and I was in search for a high-speed blender… so I got a BlendTec. Wow, 3 HP! versus 2HP for the VitaMix. I wanted to try. I would agree with many that said the BlendTec is easy to clean – both the container and the base. And, yes it’s powerful enough that you may not need a tamper; but, don’t stuff the container too much or the food will not fall easily and get blended. (I’ve done that… and wanted a tamper) Otherwise, it’s fine; just when you think it won’t blend it all… it does! The VitaMix is a bit trickier to clean out, but the container is bigger to fit that extra liquid and I really like my tamper! This way, I can move the blended food around so I know I have reached the right consistency – like for creamy dressings or no-bake creme pies. The BlendTec allows you to start the blending and you can walk away to do something else and it will stop on its own. Wonderful!!! ...except, you may have to clean up the few drops that came flying out from that tiny hole on the top of the lid. What I like about VitaMix the most (which BlendTec doesn’t have) is that it has that opening on the top to throw in a few more ingredients. You have to open the lid on the BlendTec; I thought maybe you can remove that middle thing on the lid, but I didn’t try too hard. Oh yes, and the other thing I like most about the VitaMix is that it has a longer warranty. The most thing I like about BlendTec (which VitaMix doesn’t have) is that it fits on my countertop under my cabinets.

I dealt with BlendTec customer service because the base was not level and they immediately sent me a replacement. It seems they really can’t fit all that stuff in the base… but, the replacement is stable, you can tell it’s “crammed” in there.

I don’t plan to return the BlendTec for 2 reasons: 1) It is $50 less than the VitaMix and 2) I already have a VitaMix (my in-laws are using it right now).

Both are great blenders. My husband thinks that the BlendTec is not as powerful as the VitaMix… judging only by the amount of sound they make… and a few chunks of food we find more often in our BlendTec blended mixture. Maybe I will blend it longer… but, what’s the point of preset settings if they can’t do the job right the first time. Also, VitaMix has more than twice the warranty that BlendTec has.

I know, it sounds like I prefer VitaMix… but I think I will use the BlendTec more often only because it fits on my counter better in my tiny kitchen. The true test will be when I make my orange creme pie. The chef (of this recipe) said you could only make it in a VitaMix (I think she meant high-speed blender)... so if the BlendTec can do it, I’ll be happier.



  • what is the warrentee for the blend tec?

    I dont think any warrentees are going to be as good as vitamix. A savings of 50 dollars isn't that much over the life of the machine if the warrentees are not the same ( vitamix is 7 years)
    I don't find the vitamix hard to clean at all... just a drop of soap and a few seonds on high, clean it very well.
    The one thing about the machine I dont like is... it is very tall... and doesn't fit under my counter in one peice.
  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Warranty for BlendTec is only 3 years.

    If I had to choose only one, I’d choose the VitaMix too.

    I don’t mind cleaning it out… but that precious, pricey nut butter stuck at the base… just have to try harder. :o)

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    I burnt out my Blendtec (doing something with grains) and it didn’t restart like it normally does when it goes into overload and I sent it back and I got a replacement – no cost to me (except shipping).

    I guess it depends on what you are blending but, for me, the BlendTec blends better than the Vitamix. It does nut butters really good if you follow the directions.

    A week ago I used my friends Vitamix on vacation and I swear it took so much longer to blend the smoothie than with the BlendTec. I have to blend more times than I would with my BlendTec. I guess I am spoiled – I was missing my BlendTec!

    I love my BlendTec because it lighter weight than the Vitamix too. To me, the Vitamix is big and clunky. Plus I like all the settings and nice LED display. I like “hightec” stuff so I will probably always like the BlendTec better. It is quite cute too. :)

  • KristensRawKristensRaw Raw Newbie

    I have them both and I always go to use my Blendtec first. I love it! I have no problem popping off the lid carefully while the mixture is blending to add ingredients. And the little plug on top, does come off to pour oil or other ingredients in as well.

    I’ve had my Blendtec for about four years now and it works WONDERFULLY! My Vitamix I’ve had over a year now…just don’t use it much. Cleaning it is more work and it’s hard to get all of the food out of the bottom. It’s a great blender, but I prefer the Blendtec :)

    Kristen Suzanne

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Thanks, I did take that little thing off the lid of the BlendTec. The hole is smaller, so it doesn’t fit much.

    As for the lightness of the BlendTec, yes that is real nice. Just be careful; the pulse portion of the preset settings really make the BlendTec jump.

    The blade of the BlendTec is basically one long blade angled at the tips (looks like 2). The blade of the VitaMix is two long blades angled (looks like 4). It’s amazing to me how the BlendTec can do all that with “less blade”, but I still have to cut the apple/pears and the dried pineapple into smaller pieces.

  • Hi guys! It’s great to read about your opinions on these two blenders! I am new here, and am now realizing I need a better blender. However, I just can’t justify getting a Vitamix at this time, so the Blendtec sounds like a little better option. Oh, and one thing, re: Blendtec….these were called K-tecs previously, is that correct?

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    The BlendTec is really the same price as the VitaMix. I just got the BlendTec during a sale… and saved $50. So, pick any one!

  • I bought my Blendtec at Costcos for under 400 and since I bought it at one of Blendtecs demonstrations they extended warrenty to 7 years. If you google a search for blendtec live shows you can find one near you that is what I did and they extend warrenty. I love it!!
    Not sure why people seem to complain about the noise I have an old Oster (1/4 hp if that) and it makes more noise than my blendtec on high speed.

  • CharisCharis Raw Newbie

    You can get a cheaper Vita-Mix (if you’re interested) by ordering a demonstration one. We bought one for our sister’s wedding gift that way and it was much cheaper, but just as good!


  • Hi germin8,

    To respond to your points:

    If you buy the Vitamix at Costco you save 50 bucks, which makes it cheaper or the same price as the Blendtec.

    Also, I bought both like you and returned the Blendtec, the main reason is because it can’t handle whole uncut fruit, try putting a whole apple in there ! :) The Vitamix can handle whole apples easily, skins, seeds, and all, which saves you time and also gives you the nutritional benefit of the seeds and skin, etc. With the tamper you can push pretty much anything into the blade and it’s done, just pure physics.

    I noticed the issue about fitting under the counter as well, I found that if I left the plastic top off it was able to slide under my counter. Even though the vitamix looks a bit boring I think it is a better product.



  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Thanks for the reply aniken. I could tell my ‘students’ where they can get their VitaMix for a better deal! I see from your website you recommend the Oster Beehive for a lower priced blender. Also good to know for those that don’t want to pay $400.

  • My mom has a Blendtek, I have a Vitamix; the raw restaurant I used to work at has a Vitamix...actually they have three, but you get my point hehe!~

    The Vitamix has a tamper, and it gives the user complete control and choice over the speed and duration of the blending. I like that. I can make whatever I want however I want it.

    The Blendtek just takes over, and won't let me have a say; it's really frustrating because there are some things I just can't make in the Blendtek because I can't direct the flow and make sure it comes out the way I need it to. It's too busy going on some auto program...I think the tamper is essential! I mean at least as an accessorie!

    I just don't like appliances who think they know more than me, especially regarding art. And food is an art. I have the same problem with fully automatic cameras. They just don't capture exactly what I'm seeing; I need a fully manual camera so I can control how the photo comes out, and what comes out is exactly what I saw in the photo opportune moment. Automatic cameras just take over the picture, set to focus on what they think I want to focus on, and set to let in the amount of light it thinks needs to be let in... annoying!

    Just like in iRobot lol!

  • RawLibrarianRawLibrarian Raw Newbie

    I got a BlendTec. It's works perfectly well for me, but If I did it again, though, I'd get a Vitamix.

    I only use two settings on the Blendtec--the presetting for smoothies and the presetting for juicing. I never touch the other settings.

    No regrets, because the Blendtec works quite well for me and the blender jar is shorter so the whole unit fits easily under cabinets--the blender jar of the Vitamix is taller. However, the Blendtec is more 'gadget-y' in terms of all those pre-setting that I don't use. It's a fine blender, though.

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    I have a Waring Pro 3 hp. It is cheaper than the Vita Mix but no tamper. Chews up everything, whole or cut.

    I see they have one that comes with a stainless steel container.

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    Hey, Beany~ The Waring pro has two speeds, right? Can you make it pulse?

    I'm thinking about that one, partly for price, but partly because it has a glass carafe.

    Anybody else have the Waring Pro? I would love more feedback on them! I'll start a new thread for this...

  • ShadesShades Raw Newbie

    Kristen, thank you for that review, simple, to-the-point

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    So funny but I know so I'll share.. shortly after that post Kristen took it all back on her blog. She got a new vita mix and sang it's praises about warranty and features. I'm sure you will love your BlendTec.

  • ShadesShades Raw Newbie

    Well ain't that a b***, we use Vitamix blenders at work ( a health & fitness company) and they;re OK, but when I go to Robeks and get a smoothie, they are blended to perfection. I'd enjoy either I suppose.

    Thanks Mary!

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    LOL Hi Brian, Thanks for being so cool about it. I think anyone who enjoys eating this way would love either.

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Shades -- you probably already know this . . . but perhaps others new to making smoothies are not aware that texture in part depends on the order in which the blender is loaded. Liquids first, followed by soft fruits / greens, etc., then harder fruits, and ending with any frozen ingredients and ice. If you have a substantial blender, load everything, then blend. If the blender is less powerful, you might want to load liquids and soft fruits, then blend a bit before adding harder and frozen ingredients.

    There are some good smoothie demonstration videos on the VitaMix website. (I'm sure other manufacturers have good videos as well.) For anyone who is less than satisfied with the texture of their smoothies and raw soups, you might want to check out their videos. Before I got my VM, I was loading ingredients in random order. After I got a bit more serious and started looking at the VM site, I changed the way I loaded my blender. The difference was significant . . . and perfect once my VitaMix arrived.

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    We have had our Vitamix a month and have not regretted the price at all. The Refurbished ones are only 379 and there are lots of coupon codes online for 25

    off or free shipping also for those who are in a money crunch they have a 3 payment plan option which you pay half the price up front get your VM and then pay

    over the next two months making it way easier to afford for those of us living check to check in this crumbling economy. I have seen blendtec in action and still prefer the vitamix I like that the container is BPA free and the tamper makes it easy to make thick nut cheeses and butter etc. Also our container had no plastic smell I dunno if thats b/c its bpa free or what but it was odorless unlike most plastics.

    We went a year with chunky smoothies from a 100dollar kitchen aid (it was better than most blenders but not near the VM)

    Now our kids chug green smoothies and we have used it for soup salsa and guacamole and were able to still make it chunky yummy with the variable speed

    Go Vitamix

  • i have had a vitamix for about two months and all i can say is that i absolutely freaking love it. i thank it everyday when i make my green smoothie. its funny because my 401k got automatically cashed out and i was all bummed (probably more so because i'd have to hear my dad complain about how irresponsible i am) but i used the money from that to buy the blender and it was the best thing that could have happened. i wanted to turn it into a positive and it worked! i love it! i haven't ever used the blend tec though, but i love my vitamix. and i did get a factory reconditioned one to save a bit and it is perfectly good and seemed like it was brand new anyhow. so keep that in mind!

  • ShadesShades Raw Newbie

    oh freakin greeeeat! NOW you all come out touting on and on and on about VitaMix blenders, where the hell were all of ya BEFORE I bought the BlendTec ?!?! Huh? Huh? Huh? You wanna play that way?

    Yea... yeah... yeah... yeah... well guess what... guess what... guess what... I don't see your faaaaancy waaaaancy VitaMix benders blending up metal pipes, magnets, snowskis, GPS units, die-cast cars, video cameras, garden rakes, iPhones, iPods, golf balls and all kinds of other crazy items and STILL performing top-notch!

    BlendTec = 300+ mph blade... Nyah nyah nyah nyah boo boo!!! My dad can beat up yours!

    HA! Totally joking, I'm sure I'll be happy, and hey, if I'm not, I'll just return it, right? I got the thing new for $320 anyhow ), can't beat that, (not that it matters, price isn't an issue, but I'm just rationalizing here now) but remember... at the end of the day my dad can still beat up yours!

    ;-) hehe

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Now, now, Shades . . . Let's see . . . you signed up yesterday, and posted your first comment . . . within 16 hours there were 6 additional comments. And you're gonna pick at us because we didn't respond quickly enough? You had already decided to buy the BlendTec before we saw your first post, right? Slow down . . . breathe . . . relax. I'm sure the BlendTec will be fine.

    By the way, I looked at your website. Fabulous. It's interesting, though - I didn't find your name anywhere on the site. You seem to be anonymous.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Hehe, Shades. I think BlendTec is trying to hard (they're new)... VitaMix doesn't have to do all that (they have a good repuation)

    By the way, Kirsten has blogged that the VitaMix is better. She recommends it over BlendTec... I have both, and I do recommend VitaMix too. Plus, I really like those manual control of the VM... not this push button of the BT.

    Here's Kristen's blog entry: I'm Cheating on My Blendtec... Oh My!


    Well, if you got the BlendTec for $320. That's a good deal... but, I think their price has to come down because it doesn't compete with the VitaMix... it's close, but not quite :o)

  • ShadesShades Raw Newbie

    You're all punks, because of you I cancelled the Blendtec order and am now in the process of ordering the Vitamix 5200. And for those who might not realize, I was only joking around, like the brat I am, in my previous posts there. :-)

    Hey, I know most realize it but there are always a FEW who may not.


  • ShadesShades Raw Newbie

    emtpd... thank you muchly for the compliments, but the reason you don't see my name on it is because it's not about me, it's about the work. no need to pump my name all over the place aside for in the about me section or whatever. :-)

    By the way, I looked at your website. Fabulous. It's interesting, though - I didn't find your name anywhere on the site. You seem to be anonymous.

  • agapemomagapemom Raw Newbie

    Hello, I see that this thread is old, but I also noticed that a Google search on Vita-Mix vs. Blendtec brings up this page at the top! Therefore, I wanted to add a piece of information that is missing for people who are trying to make the decision between the two blenders.

    The highest RPMs for Blendtec is 27,000 and the highest RPMs for the Vita-Mix is 37,000. There are 4 spinning blades in the Vita-Mix (hitting more surface area) and only two in the Blendtec. Yes, the food is more difficult to get out of the VM, but because of the greater surface area spinning at a greater speed, more cell walls are ruptured releasing more nutrients. Also, the temperature of the soup made in a VM is much, much hotter than what is made in a Blendtec (again, because of the higher RPMs).

    I have free recipes on my website and instructions about how to make juice in the Vita-Mix keeping it very cold while at the same time getting it very smooth: http://www.VitaMixLady.com

    Hope this is helpful information!


    Lea Ann Savage

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    We're still here... cool. Thanks for the info. Yup, the 4 blades on the VitaMix definitely gets the job done right. :o) *smile*

  • I have not tried blendtec, so can only give the vitamix perspective. But let me tell ya...I love it. The controls are simple and easy to use. It's a breeze to clean. It's huge, yes...it would be nice if it would fit under my counter...but being able to make 2L of green smoothie for hubby and I to each take a litre to work for the day...well, that's top priority. I love the hole in the top to add more stuff, and the little grips on the lid on the latest model. The tamper sometimes comes in handy when I overpack the greens. It's a very stable machine. It's a beast and will eat anything I throw at it. Smoothie textures always turn out great. I would recommend it to anyone. I got free shipping on mine using a free shipping code; if anyone wants it: COUPON=06-003915

    One tip...I have found that the best way to get the smoothest smoothie out of it, is to blend everything first on low speed, then once it is all blended, kick it up to high speed for a few seconds (maybe 10). Gets rid of any stray lumps and really makes it super smooth.

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