a raw diet question

I was wondering why I am getting stomaches, gas and bloating whenever I eat non raw foods now. When I first got my vitamix I was eating basically smoothies. I seemed to take right to them as they filled me up and seemed to give me so much energy. I noticed that I did not get gassy or bloated at all despite all the veggies in my smoothies.
Then after a few weeks, I went back to eating regular meals of non raw foods because the temp outside dropped below freezing and smoothies were making me too cold.
Now I am feeling sick, gassy, bloated, tired and have a mild stomache all day.
  • here is the question… Could I have irritable bowel syndrome or food allergies I haven’t realized before ??
    I noticed how good my stomach was after a few days of nothing but fruit and veggie smoothies.
    It made me feel so good to consume nothing but the smoothies but when I am going back to regular food ( especcially meat or sugary sweets) I felt sick.

did this happen to anyone else? or does anyone have an explaination why I took so well to a raw smoothie diet and when going back to regular food I got so sick?



  • a smoothie and fruit diet will basically sail through your digestive system without a lot of fuss. now you’re adding foods that require more digestion, and your body has to get used to that again.

  • Within the large raw group I am around, this seems to be very common and none of us were doing just smoothies. I was a vegan for 15 years prior to going raw and I equate it with the same thing that would happen if I were to accidently get some chicken broth, egg or some other animal product. It as though your system is rebelling against the unhealthy food that you are filling it with. The longer you are eating “clean” the worse it appears to be, at least from what I have experienced and have observed in others I know.

  • I agree with vicken2tekdivin. Basically, when your body is cleaned out, it is much more able to properly detoxify itself. So, when we eat cooked food then, it has to get rid of it. And it is also a shock. If you wanted to eat cooked food and still feel great, try to keep it to a minimum and probably at the end of the day. Like 75%-90% raw is a good ratio.

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    I have responded to cooked vegan food differently at different times during my Raw lifestyle. At times I was gassy and bloated and other times I tolerated it fine. My body has changed over time, reacts differently as a result of lifestyle changes and physical changes (stress, seasons change as does the produce, fitness, etc).

    I have responded to Raw foods differently over the course as well. There are times I don’t tolerate nuts and seeds well and other times that I do great with them. I always say, listen to your body and go from there.

    Kristen Suzanne

  • CAN YOU DIRECT ME ??? ON EATING CLEAN? IS THERE A SECTION/ BOOK OR SOMETHING TO READ to learn about how to eat clean? ( the principals of it)
    seems it agrees with me better to eat whole food and this may be what I have to do ( get on a good dietary plan) for the rest of my life.

    I do feel good after drinking smoothies and no GI upset, ever.

    and of course with a vitamix machine, drinking smoothies made of fruits and veggies is pretty impressive to the tastebuds.

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