Avatar Match Game

BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

I love the creativity people have in choosing their avatar (the picture used in one’s profile). Many avatars make me laugh, lighten my heart, or feel a sense of beauty when I see them.

It just struck me kinda funny today that there seems to be a few that I think could make really cute couples. Here are a few…

Alix1962 and RawJim (he’s mia and took his pyrate kitty pic down AGAIN! :(...)

stylestacey and ron4540 (but he changed his avatar :(...)

Bioboy, Hollis, and 1rawgirl ... yes a threesome…

kuen and IM1RU8

Sky Princess and All4Raw

jaleen persall and jamestheraw

humanimal and Nezumi

Nothing personal is meant by any of these matches… just the avatars seem to go together and seemed humorous.

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