flaxless crackers?

skizzyskizzy Raw Newbie

I have a ton of flaxseed due to a sale. The idea was to make lots of flax crackers to eat with salads. The problem is, i’m starting to realize that i don’t really like crackers when they’re made with flaxseed. I’ve tried many, many recipes and combinations but there’s always that one taste in there that ruins the cracker…and i’ve finally admitted that the bad taste is flax.

I still want to make crackers, but they won’t stick together! Soaked flaxseed is so nice and gluey, and without it my crackers are crumblers. What else can i use? And will it be as cheap as flaxseed?


  • Try using ground sunflower seeds. They are not as sticky like flax, but they get pasty.

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