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For the curious. I wanted to share this will GoneRaw members.
In November last year I attended a conference given by Dr. Franco Berrino, eminent cancer specialist and nutritionist here in Italy. He’s not raw vegan, but practically. He reiterated what most of us RAW FOODISTS already know. What he said was that the further you eat from the anti-cancer diet (which I will delineate below), the more health issues you’ll have in a whole array of manifestations.

He said that industrialization of food as well as our habits have ruined us; what was once a rare treat has now become a daily ADDICTION and that it’s now our food addictions which are killing us or giving us chronic illness. Like the sugar yo-yo.

The two absolute worst foods: sugar and potato chips/French fries (or any deep-fried food or cooked at extreme temperatures). High temperatures are to be avoided at all costs. He said he uses two flame diffusers to cook anything.

One of his nuggets of gold: fruit is good, although you shouldn’t go overboard because of the insulin reaction (the big bad guy for health), but if you’re elderly or have cancer or abnormal growths, it’s best to limit fruit intake except BERRIES. They’re the only fruit that doesn’t contain GROWTH FACTOR. So if you’re elderly you’ve got thousands of cells ready to go haywire, and the GROWTH FACTOR triggers them. So eat BERRIES liberally.

Another jewel: liberally use the combined spices turmeric and black pepper, which have shown amazing anti-cancer properties. You can use turmeric alone for making puddings and cakes, but the best are the two together – two key ingredients in CURRY.

These are the recommendations of the World Cancer Research Fund in their recent report called Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer: a Global Perspective (which you can find at their website).

1. Be as thin as you can
2. Exercise regularly
3. Avoid foods that increase weight such as refined foods, sugar, high density fat foods (dairy and fatty meat)
4. Eat vegetables as much as possible
5. Limit intake of red meat and completely avoid preserved meats (cold cuts, sandwich meats, salami etc)
6. Limit alcohol intake
7. Don’t smoke
8. Eat fish liberally (but not canned – tuna is better bought in glass jars)
9. Don’t consume excessive salt
10. Avoid processed/preserved food with a long shelf-life
11. Cook foods at the lowest temperature/duration possible – the higher the temp and longer the cooking time, the more depleted the food
12. It’s best get all nutrients necessary FROM FOOD and not from SUPPLEMENTATION which isn’t always readily absorbed by the body and will never compensate for an inadequate diet.


  • That’s good to know about the berries. I’ll be bringing along the raw berry pie when I go to visit my parents next time! :) Are cherries classified as “berries”?

  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    Awesome post, Carmenita. Thank you!!!

  • This all sounds really good,,,with one exception. I would have to question the use of black pepper. According to my Chinese practioner, who is extremely knowledgeable regarding health and food, black pepper is not healthy. He recommends Cayenne (red) pepper, which doesn’t cause the same “heat” problems in the body that black pepper causes. But, I realize we can all find sources that disagree with each other many times over. Sometimes, you have to wonder who really has the accurate information. After a while, we also realize that our individual bodies often determine what works best through trial and error.

    Still, your information is well-worth noting, and I plan to keep it in my own archives. Thanks, Carmentina.

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