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Cilantro - How much per day is safe?

OceanBlissOceanBliss Raw Newbie

I love cilantro! I just made a 10 oz smoothie containing one bunch of cilantro and parsley along with 2 apples. I know that cilantro is a good detox food, it removes heavy metals out of the body. So I’m wondering how much cilantro per day is actually safe and won’t promote me to detox too much. Anyone know? I read that pestos that contain cilantro and/or parsley should only be consumed in small amounts, like such as 1-2 tablespoons per day. Can’t find any relevant info on the net either for dosage. Any help would be great, thanks!



  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    I would be careful with cilantro. It doesn’t detox, it mobilizes mercury. You should eat something like chlorella or brown seaweed (alginates) with the cilantro to bind it, otherwise you might have redistribution or reabsorption of metals. Cilantro crosses the blood brain barrier. Every time that I took a chelating product with cilantro, I had weakness and light-headedness. I ate a small amount today and it didn’t bother me. A whole bunch might have knocked me to my knees. I would say that we can all tolerate different amounts.

  • OceanBlissOceanBliss Raw Newbie

    Hmm…that may be why I feel kind of weak tonight. I didn’t drink the entire cup as I wasn’t sure I should, I’m glad I didn’t. So things should be okay if I take a Chlorella capsule everytime I drink the cilantro? Do you know if normal parsley acts the same? I know cilantro is a chinese parsley, but what about the normal kind? Thanks for the reply.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Fascinating! I had no idea that cilantro crosses the blood brain barrier. Grapes cross the brain barrier too. I wonder what else do…

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Parsley is a totally different plant. They’re both herbs and herbs have interesting healing properties…or poisonous properties if you eat the wrong ones (belladonna for example).

    Nuts and seeds contain choline and phenylalanin, both cross the BBB and enhance your mood. Phenylalanin is in protein foods. Flaxseed does that as well. It also contains DHEA. Omega 3 fats cross the BBB. These things don’t move metals though.


  • Here is a pesto recipe from a free book on John Barron’s website:
    1 cup packed cilatro leaves
    6 TBSP olive oil
    Process this in a blender of processor until chopped well.
    1 clove garlic
    1/2 cup soaked almonds or nut of choice (pine nuts would work well, no soaking required)
    2 TBSP lemon juice
    blend or process to a lumpy paste

    Eat 2 tsp per day for 3 wks. Repeat 2 to 3 time per year.

  • OceanBlissOceanBliss Raw Newbie

    123 – I had no idea! You know a lot about this, I tried doing some research last night on parsley. It’s definitely different than cilantro..which I’m glad because I love having it in my smoothies. Thanks for all the great information!!

    Thanks for the recipe deborahann :) Sounds divine.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    I’ve been dealing with and researching MS, mercury toxicity, candidiasis and hypothyroid for 4+ years. I’m trying to heal with raw food, chelation and organ cleansing. So far, so good. It’s been slow, but so was getting sick. I’d rather heal slowly than degenerate quickly.

    One of the products that I took for mercury chelation was Jon Barron’s/ Baseline Nutritionals Metal Magic. I could only tolerate a fraction of a suggested dose. It is cilantro and chlorella in one product. As I said, it is my opinion that slower is better. Going fast doesn’t necessarily mean that the mercury has an opportunity to exit. He suggested to do a colon cleanse at the same time as the Metal Magic. I did better when I did the colon cleanse without the MM.

  • This information is something I had no idea about!
    I love cilantro too…....and now I am thinking about the hair analysis I had done that showed high mercury and more. The doctor gave me some pills but I haven’t really started to take them yet.
    And what does it mean if something crosses the blood/brain barrier?
    While the doctor told me not to rush in having the remaining mercury fillings removed I am booked in for one set in Feb.
    In the meantime should I be doing another liver cleanse? Eating more cilantro?
    What about psyllium….does that mop up any chemicals that get pumped out of the organs?

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    You shouldn’t try to chelate with amalgam fillings in your teeth. It’s also risky to have so many changed at once. If I were you, I would find a biological dentist who has experience in replacing amalgams with a substance that is compatible with you. Traditional dentists will drill the amalgams out and won’t have a dam or the proper suction to keep you from swallowing the particles and breathing the dust and vapors. Some people get worse with this drastic dentistry. It’s very serious.

    Check out Hal Huggins site at www.hugnet.com for more information. Hal Huggins is the author of “It’s all in Your Head” and he has a practice where he replaces amalgams and does the proper chelation afterwards. His therapy also includes cavitation, nutrition and detox.

    A hair analysis is often misleading. What they’re looking for is mineral displacement. Actual mercury rarely shows up in the hair. I was tested with bio-feedback. I don’t understand the quantum physics involved to explain how it works. This subject has gotten too deep here. You should really go to an expert.

    Your brain is like swiss cheese and certain sized particles are able to cross the membrane. Neurotoxins (MSG, aspartame) cross the BBB and cause serious damage. Get the “Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World” DVD by Cori Brackett or read Betty Martini’s website. www.dorway.com

  • Oh dear 123….......... I am going to have to do some serious study here. Not sure if bio-feedback toxin checks exist in Australia. Thanks for posting this serious information.

  • A new question please to 123 (or anyone who knows) is the bio feedback testing using something called an ‘avatar’ system? I think I have found this kind of therapy here in Perth. Thank you :)

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    The machine is one in which I held a rod that is attached to a machine with a meter and my homeopathic doctor mashed another rod into my hand holding a vial of material for which I was tested. It reminded me of muscle testing, which is not scientific. I also found out my allergies and sensitivities. The feedback is quantum physics and is also called QXCI, SCIO and EPFX. They’re used all over the World, so I imagine that you can find one in Perth or close by. I never heard of it refered to as Avatar. My mercury level was off the meter, extremely high.

  • thanks 123 :)

  • Wow, I never knew any of this!! I love cilantro, and I use it often, but if you add it all up I guess I am not consuming THAT much of it. I will use it in salsa, guac, salads, etc. but I am not eating the entire batch of salsa or whatever in one sitting by myself. I will have to pay attention next time I eat any to see if I get light headed or not…

  • Never heard of anyone who died of a cilantro over dose.If its not causing any discomfort I would say, Have at it.

  • 123~ How much seaweed do I need to bind with it? Well, I had a reaction over the weekend, and I have always consumed handfuls of cilantro. Within hours after eating my soup my jaw joint was so painful to even open my mouth, it lasted another day and a half. My mouth is full of mercury, and I don’t see getting it out anytime soon, if ever. I forgot and had a smaller handful in my soup today, and I have been stuffing every kind of seaweed I have in my mouth. I don’t have any chlorella or brown seaweed.

  • Ok I’m really confused. Could someone clarify and simplify this for me about cilantro? What is the limit? After reading this forum I’ll never look at cilantro the same way again. Should I avoid it to be on the safe side? Gosh, I just told my dad to consume more of it when he gets his silver/mercury filling removed from his tooth because its supposed to be good for detoxing the body from heavy metals. Should this be reconsidered?? I’m so confused and worried right now that I am getting a headache, lol.

  • edited January 30

    Wow- I never heard such negativity about cilantro. I LOVE the stuff. I could SWIM in it. Too much? Imposserous! But if people are using it to detox, that would be a lot of a single substance to take at one time. I guess even something you love could seem intolerable and become unhealthy in mega doses. By the way, if you hate cilantro you will love the ihatecilantro.com website. It’s funny and fascinating at the same time.


  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    There is no good amount or bad amount and it may not affect some people. It could. If you feel dizzy or have other symptoms, eat less. If it makes you feel better, eat more. It isn’t an unhealthy or toxic thing. It’s actually functional and nutritious. It’s like any other herb, it has a healing effect. Start slow and ramp up.

    Rawrawraw, I take raw seaweed supplements that are very concentrated (Modifilan), besides eating seaweed. It’s the brown seaweed that has the alginates. I also took Metal Magic by Baseline Nutritionals (chlorella and cilantro), and it really moved things around. It makes me very dizzy, even using a fraction of the recommeded dose. I sometimes wonder if I should have supervision and go full speed ahead with it or not. It might kill me or might make me mercury free. I know that it would make me sick. So far, I have opted for “Not”.

    Besides, you should not be trying to chelate with mercury in your teeth.

  • It reminded me of muscle testing, which is not scientific.

    I didn’t realize that…

  • lettyclettyc Raw Newbie
    It is not what u eat it's how much u eat. Everything in moderation it's fine.
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