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Raw In Canada

Hi Everyone,

Appreciate the great forums and recipes on gone raw. Doing Raw and keeping warm is not always easy in the land of snow and cold. We love to keep warm by doing plenty of daily exercise like snowshoeing and cross country skiing during the winter. Finding raw supplies also has not been easy either so we started up Raw Nutrition Canada. We are located in the Ottawa Valley. Check out our website especially for Canadians. We’d love to hear your feedback.


  • Well I would like to thank you. I live in Northern BC and it can be very difficult locating alot of the products in Canada. But now I have your page bookmarked. Next time I need something I’ll just see you! Thanks. Jaclyn.

  • The land of snow and cold is right! It’s been -35C here all week with windchills down to -50C! I’ll be checking out your website. We Canadians need to stick together, if only just for the body warmth!

  • I agree with jgagnon and Nekkotronik!
    It’s not always easy to find raw products and sometimes, it can be expensive when we order it from the USA. I have a feeling it’ll be more and more easier to be raw in Canada.

  • wow that’s a great resource! i just ordered lots of goods :D

  • Good place to write this then:

    Loblaws has Maranathan raw almond butter 50% off for the rest of february. i now have 6 jars in my cupboard and i feel i should hoard more…it’s only $5!

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    Maranatha isn’t a very good brand… I wouldn’t go crazy with it…

    Nekkotronik, where are you that it’s so cold? I’m in Manitoba right now and I’m escaping again, can’t tolerate it.

  • is there something specifically wrong with maranatha? i haven’t been able to find much else, so i was happy to see it on sale.

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    I’m sorry I really really hate raining on your parade…

    The raw-specializing health food store around here doesn’t carry this brand any more. This is probably why it’s on sale… Right now they only carry ‘Artisana’ and ‘Better than roasted’

  • thanks for the info! they had the roasted and honey versions of the almond butter too. since i’m not 100% raw, and would still believe this is more healthful than roasted, salted, or preserved almond butter, i don’t mind eating it.

    i figure i’m eating raw for physical health, and this appears to be a healthier choice in the grand scheme of things. it’s awesome they disclose it so clearly though.

  • Good to see Canadians on here!!! I have been reading posts and people are great about giving tips for where to buy things but of course we don’t have the same stores!!!
    I am going to check out Raw Nutrition Canada soon and hopefully order some things to get me going!!!
    The rain here in Vancouver tends to make a person feel cold and damp all winter long!! I look forward to learning more on this site!

  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    sarm over at www.rawfreedomcommunity.com theres alot of canadians , and alot of people in northwest . the site owners from BC . IF THAT LINK DONT WORK JUST SEARCH THAT NAME TO FIND . sorry caps went on .

  • Thank you!!

  • Hello from Ontario
    I just joined last week, I have just started trying raw. Doc thinks I’m celiac, all I know is my tummy is better; except when I slip up. Haven’t lost any weight. probably gained 5-6 lbs due to all the nuts. Spring is coming and fresh Ontario fruits/veggies aren’t far behind.

  • Thanks Michigan for the the site

  • I have the Maranatha almond butter right now, but use it sparingly, cos’ I am unsure about it’s true rawness. I usually get artisana, but I have gotten Living tree fefroe. The reason I am unsure of its’ raw/quality is the price difference. Artisana is about 20 bucks for a small container, as opposed to Maranatha at about half the price. It think it’s half the price! My mom gave it to me!

    Is it really raw, or do they just use unroasted almonds to make the butter, then pasturize it after they put it into the jar? Hence, not raw.

  • Make it at home and you’ll be sure of what’s in it. You could sprout your own almonds, dehydrate them and then turn them into butter with a Vita-Mix or juicer with blank installed. Results: Truly raw & truly living nut butter. Enjoy!

  • So it won’t work if you just soak and then blend them? I don’t have a dehydrator unfortunately…Is there anyway to get around this?

  • It’ll still work but the butter will not keep as long as it would if the almonds were dehydrated.

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