aromatherapy info needed

I am interested in aromatherapy for stress, PMS, headaches, energy etc etc

Does anyone use aromatherapy? Any tips or advice you could give? How about for a looong plane ride? I am going to Aussie for one month in the Spring and it’s like a day-long ride!

I bought eucalyptus oil for my sinuses..and it is good in the humidifier..

Unfortunately, I don’t have a bathtub so using them as bath oils is not an option..


  • Hi there! Not sure where you are currently located but, there is a store called Saje, that makes a lot of wonderful aromatherapy remedies. They have an online store as well that would be worth checking out if there’s not a shop in your town. They have special blends for all of the ailments you’ve mentioned ( Jet lag blend called arrive revived, headache blend called peppermint halo, PMS blend called moon cycle). I have used almost all of their products over the year and think they are great! Enjoy your trip Down Under!

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