Back on the Live wagon

I have taken the past 2 months off of 100% Raw, and shifted to a 50-60% raw-vegan pattern. I am ready to feel great and give my 100%, but am worried about my intake. If anyone could give me a good idea as to how my meals should roughly look, I would greatly appreciate it. Before, I believe I ate too much fruit and not enough greens. Anything helps



  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    i’d start out 1/3 greens 1/3 fat 1/3 fruit, and then find a balance that works for you.
    a green smoothie is a fabulous way to start the day, especially with a tablespoon of hemp seeds or bee pollen in it (if you’re ok with bee products).
    try a really big salad for a midday meal, and then experiment with fun recipes at dinner.
    i also eat one young coconut a day right after school for a pick me up.
    good luck!=)

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