Need ideas for a juice/GS fast

I want to do a juice and green smoothie fast this weekend, but I need ideas.

I do exercise, so I would need things to help power me through a couple of workouts.

I want to stock up today with everything I’ll need (preffably no orange fruits or veggies).

Recently I had a scare due to a doctor’s appt. He was concerned about my “orange coloring.” He sent me for a CT scan, then to my internist. After a CT scan, sonogram and two different sets of blood work (one w/elevated liver levels, the other normal),they found nothing other than I have a fatty liver!

Any help with ideas would be much appreciated!


  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    Fatty liver… I think a really harsh cleanse would be a bad idea. A colonic might be in place though… And also, taking a lot of milk thistle.

  • Thanks Morning theft!

    I have considered a colonic.

    Might give my GI doc a call.

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