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Transition foods?

AleBrazilAleBrazil Raw Newbie

I need tips for transition foods being that I´m new to raw. My biggest challenge to overcome is that I´m a bread and rice eater. I know I´m going to crave it. It takes up lots of space in my tummy and has major carbs. Help please!

Hugs from brasil, Alê


  • NagevNagev Raw Newbie

    I would switch to a gluten free bread because that’s a big part of what makes you addicted to it; there are opiates. To fill you tummy up, I would eat lots of nuts and dried fruit; they were big transitions foods for me but I have drastically reduced my intake of them because they leave me bloated now.

    Good luck


  • Green Smoothies! My boyfriend had a really hard time staying raw, he was always yo-yo-ing from 100% to like 0%. Until we started drinking green smoothies, they totally cured his cravings and they make you feel great. Also when we first went raw we ate alot of heavier foods liked nut pates and lots of avocados. If you have a dehydrator then there are so many different raw crackers that could take the place of bread. Good Luck.

  • I ate Ezekiel Sprouted Bread during transition. It isn’t raw, however, but all the grains are whole and sprouted. I loved it with sliced avocado, tomato and dulse. It tasted just like a BLT. I eventually gave it up and now I don’t crave bread anymore.

    Good luck!

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    I totally agree with rawmumma! Green Smoothies kill cravings! Nut pate will fill you and make your own bread in a dehydrator!!!

  • rae-deanrae-dean Raw Newbie

    if i eat any bread-or carbs like rice or oatmeal or mashed potatoes-i can not stop.so i avoid these at all cost.i had a b.d and had to fix food for 11 people and they are not raw. sorry to say “my tater salad is so so yummy”. i did have a couple of spoonfulls.and pretzels. not good to do. i could of eaten the whole bag.there was cake and ice cream.i made a raw apple pie and had sliver.but i can not stop. today i am starting 100% raw.green smoothies in morning and nite and fruit in between.that is my plan of attack.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Try the Shazzies Pizza recipe I posted, I think I ate mainly that for a few months at the start and it really filled in the hole…it is filling and doughy.

    And the ‘Zoe’s bread’ one I posted too, it is a good filler. Try eating it with raw jam (berries+dates) and almond cream/butter. Or savoury with almond cheese and marinated mushrooms tomatoes etc..or with sunflower seed pate.

    Flax crackers are another good one, and you can make tons of different dips to have with them.

    I also found pies,cakes and puddings really helped me to fill the gap too. Especially apple pie which there are doxens of recipes for all over the net, it turns out amazingly well done raw, better than the cooked version I think. And cookie’s are good raw too. My advice would be to just stuff yourself with as much gorgeous food as you can manage, splurge on good food and experiment with the recipes. Your body will calm down and you’ll be satisfied with an apple or an orange later, once you have fully transitioned and just staying raw is no longer an issue. Until then, celebrate this amazing wonderful decision you have made, and eat, eat eat!!


  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    I don’t have cravings for bread but I do for crackers specifically ritz crackers. Flax seed always satisfy my cracker cravings. Green smoothies like rawmumma says also helps me with some of my cravings because it fills me up.

    Zoe the apple pie is a good idea. I am going to have to try your bread. There is a drink that taste like apple pie, I don’t remember the recipe amounts but I know it has apples, carrots, cinnamon and nutmeg, it is so good. Also speaking about cookies, the lemon cookies on this website is good.

  • PamPam

    Green smoothies definitely! This will cut all your cravings. I’d make the carrot bread recipe posted on this site. Not sure what to do about the rice thing. I had been off raw for a couple years. Returned in January. Green smoothies, carrot bread, spicy taco meat, and mock tuna got me through the first few weeks with no real cravings to speak of. But, then, I’m allergic to some of the most addictive foods and didn’t eat them even when not raw—wheat, sugar, dairy.

  • AleBrazilAleBrazil Raw Newbie

    Thank you all for sharing. I truly appreciate the support!

    I don´t have a dehygrator yet, it´s hard to find them here in Brazil. So I´m going to try out a home-made solar dehydrator and dehydrating in the oven. I read somewhere that I can leave the oven door partially opened and the heat on low. I do have a good blender and a food processor.

    As for the green juices, I´m using the blender (don´t have a juicer yet). I throw in what ever greens leafs I have and some orange or apples to lighten the taste. Is that right?

    I have had a major headache since yesterday. Surprisingly, even though I hardly got any sleep at night, I woke up feeling good, lighter.

    I´m happy!

    Hugs, Ale

  • PamPam

    Yes, that’s right re the smoothies. If your blender isn’t really powerful, stick to the softer greens like romaine. Otherwise any greens will do.

    The spicy taco meat just takes a food processor. You would need a juicer for the mock tuna although I think someone said they blended carrots and then strained them somehow to separate the pulp from the juice. Not sure how well that would work, though!

    The carrot bread ought to do fine in the slightly open oven. You might even be able to put it out in the hot sun if you have a way to keep the critters away.

    Viva Brazil! (Or something like that.) Lucky you… great fruit, right??

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