There is more than food to Health

NagevNagev Raw Newbie

HI all.

I want to share something that I am learning:

I’ve been 100% truly raw since September (and “raw” since last Jan) and it’s been great. But a few weeks ago I felt myself getting sick and despite my fasting efforts (first 2 days, and then 7 days), I still did not feel amazing like I normally do. I couldn’t figure it out.

But today I went to my Healer and she steered me down the right path. She gave some some beautiful chamomile tea and some RAW aged garlic extracts to boost my immune system (they were even on sale!). She also helped me stay positive with her energy and encouragement.

I’m staring to feel so much better and I am realizing that there is definitely more to my health than raw food. I just wanted to express my gratitude and see is anyone else has had similar experiences.

Love James

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