Raw Recipe Binder

CharisCharis Raw Newbie

Hey guys! I just had a fantastic idea today (or so I think,lol). I’m going to get a nice three ring binder, perhaps decorate in a fun “raw food” way…and then just load it with awesome raw recipes, either printed off from this site, or other raw sites and blogs I check out. Ones I want to try or ones that I have tried and I want to keep making. Anyway, just a fun idea that I’m going to do and thought you might too.



  • I did it and need to move into a bigger binder. I started with recipes pretty much from here, because they print out so great. I even copeid the recipe I took to a meetup potluck. I used page protectors that I had already, and put two in a page. The hardest part was trying to arrange it in catagories as i collected more. I thought I was a great idea, too.

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