Preparing Food for the Week

Do any of you fix all of your weekly treats at one time? I did it today for the first time and I think that it will work out great. I made Brazil nut pancakes, then I made a smoothie in the blender with the batter still in the bottom. I didn’t waste the ingredients that way. I used two trays in my dehydrator. Not wanting to have half of the space not being used, I filled a third tray with buckwheat groats to be used in granola. I used the fourth tray for pumpkin seed bread that I made in the blender without rinsing in between uses. I used the blender with the remaining pumpkin seed residue to make a sort of alfredo sauce. After that, I made salad dressing in the same blender. I now have a meal plan for several days, one time dehydrator use and only one washing of the blender. I also used up a few things before they were over-ripe. I did this in less than an hour, so I saved time as well.


  • I did this for the first time this weekend as well. I

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    I try to do this every saturday because it is so handy. It takes me about 1 1/2 hours with a lot of cleaning in between, but this weekend I did raw pancakes, the oh my god it’s caramel cookies, mild olive mediterranean bread, not cheese balls, nacho cheese sauce, nut meat, the wakemme salad and the amazing fudge, all recipes from this site.

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