Almond milk

I’m very new to the raw food world and have a ? about Almond milk. Do you make it yourself? If so, “how to” please! Do you buy it from the HF store? What kind? Thanks in advance for all responses.
(I want to make the raw vanilla ice cream…that sounds like yummy stuff!)


  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    There is almond milk you can buy at the store but it’s not raw… Raw almond milk is always home made. It’s pretty easy to make, there’s a recipe for it on this site:
    It’s very simple to make!

  • I love home made almond milk. it is soo good. I add vanilla and agave.

  • that sounds really good justbeautiful!! I will have to try that!

  • Where are you guys getting your raw almonds from? As of Sept 2007 all almonds sold in the US have to be pasteurized but can still be labeled as RAW. It is crazy, I purchased a bunch to stock up but my truly raw almond stash is dwindling.

  • i have family members that grow almonds…it’s makes it super easy for me :)

  • no way! LUCKY!

  • Thank you all for the help ;) I found the recipe and I’ll most definitely use some vanilla…yummmm

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