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pink eye

newbienewbie Raw Newbie

does anyone have any natural remedies for pink eye? I also have a sore throat and head ache, if that helps with treatment options.


  • Hi Newbie,
    I have never tried this myself, however, I knew someone personally who utilized vitamin c in liquid form to treat pink eye. He reported that it burned like hell but worked. I cant vouch for it but maybe a little research.

    Sore throat, lemon with warm water and honey (if you aren’t vegan) lotsa fluids, warm salt water gargles and steam baths.

    Headache, warm compresses, lie down to rest in a dark room, avoid bright or flashing light, put something cold on the back of your neck, such as a cold, wet cloth; or alternate hot and cold cloths where the pain is. Have a drink of water or natural juice, especially tomato juice. Massage your own face, head, neck and shoulders, or get someone else to do those and your back. Relax your muscles. Press on two pressure points at the back of the neck. These points are about two inches apart, just below the base of the skull. Press for a minute or two. This releases endorphins that help against pain.

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    Matt felt that he might be developing pink eye, and he put a drop of colloidal silver in his eye and it was gone the next day.
    As for sore throat… I find ginger juice, maybe mixed with some kind of citrus like grapefruit, to be a life saver (no pun intended…)

  • newbienewbie Raw Newbie

    thanks for your advice. after drinking green smoothies yesterday and snoring up a storm last night (according to my husband), I feel tons better today. Still not 100%, but definitely MUCH better. My eye has completely cleared up. I’m still a bit achy, but not as bad as yesterday. Thanks!

  • for the pinkeye,I don’t have a personal solution but I did try a homeopathic product just for pink eye that worked on me several years ago. I believe most reg. pharmacy’s carry it now but I also have seen it at whole foods and my natural grocer.Don’t remember the name but it has pink packaging.

    Warm water and quality sea salt for your throat as a gargle. Goodluck!

  • I believe the homeopathic remedy from the HFS is by Similisan,and I’m told it works. Surprisingly, I have never had pink eye myself. My children had it frequently when they were young; and as it is highly contagious, several families usually share it. Early on I learned a home remedy of eyebright herb and goldenseal root powder. It never failed to work very quickly for us, and anyone else I shared the remedy with. My kids would even ask me to make the wash for their friends, even as teenagers. In a pint jar or glass measuring cup: use 1 teaspoon of the loose herb and a pinch of powdered goldenseal root, add boiling water and steep until cool enough to handle. Stain through a coffee filter, as it must be free of any grit or herb. The properties are antibiotic, antiseptic, and astringent. Make fresh every other day. Wash the eyes 2-3 times a day,using a clean eye irrigation bottle, eyecup, or dipping cotton balls in the liquid. You’ll figure it out, depending on the age ofthe afflicted. Always be scrupulously clean about handling anything to do with pink eye.

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