LU LU Avacado???????????

I went to my local organic health place for my usual shopping,went to the produce section to see what they had in and….....LU LU Avacados from Florida? Never heard of them so I got one,it’s not ripe yet so I am waiting to see how it is. Has anyone ever had one? If so,was it $ well spent or should I have skipped on over it?
I think part of the attraction for me was the name!


  • ok, did some research on the lulu,it is more watery not as creamy,fatty and I’m sure not as yummy as a hass. but it’s mine and once it is ripe I will eat it and let you know.
    Again,if you have had one ,made something yummy with one let me/us know!

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    I saw those at the store the other day. They’re huge! I don’t know how to tell if one is ripe and I didn’t buy one because it was as hard as a rock and expensive. I was also curious about it being a hybrid. Is it? When you cut into it, please let us know how much of it is pit.

  • I don’t think it’s a hybrid,I will check. the organic grocer I go to is fairly particular on what they sell.
    My lulu is fairly hard but seems to be in the process of getting ripe. I will let you know how it is when I eat it.
    Yes,they are fairly large!

  • Have you ever had a bacon avo? Those are the best!!

  • Bacon avacado?????????WHAT!

  • I’ve read that if produce is Genetically Modified, it’s PLU number begins with a 9.

  • Up here the PLU’s for organic produce start with a 9. GM stuff usually starts with an 8. (only if it’s five digits, if its only four it’s the reg’lar stuff)
    I’ve only ever had the haas ones so let us know how it was! :)

  • Oh I think they sell that at the whole foods near me but they just call it the green skin avacado. And yes they do look quite large. Ive never had one but they do appear to have a large seed.…

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