Newly Raw in Chile

Hi All. I have been following the site for a few weeks now and have greatly benefited form all of your recipes, thoughts, and general inspiration. Many thanks. I live in Chile (the land of white bead and meat) and have been mostly raw for 4 months now. After a year and a half of living here (trying to eat local foods to blend in with friends and family) I was feeling extremely sluggish and out of my element. I did the Master Cleanse for 10 days and felt so wonderful on it I decided to go raw. It was easy to do coming off of the cleanse. I am still struggling with many things, mostly figuring out how to cook and use my kitchen in a whole new way, but I am really enjoying the process and feel great. Here in Concepcion, there are no health food stores, but the produce is dreamily cheap. Again, thanks for being a resource I can access form all the way over here.


  • Hi Jules,

    I just wanted to let you know that I am pretty much in the same boat, I live in Sicily Italy, where the produce is very cheap and very fresh. We pick our own figs, oranges and grapes so I know their provenance as for the rest…no way to tell or even ask for organic. I oredered some stuff from shazzie’s website almond flour, cashews etc…I plan on using my oven (low low setting as a dehydrator) it can be done. I am coming off a 2 day fast (water, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and maple syrup.) I felt wobbly, today I have flu like symptoms but I do feel better. I hope this will help me feel less sluggish, lethargic and down and that it will resolve my weight loss and metabolism issues. I love this website too, so helpful, the people so nice and so non commercial. Just love it, so suerte. :)

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    Hello!! juleskess I have a friend from Chile. I wish you good luck on you new transition. I definitly understand what you mean about using the kitchen in a different way.

    deasmile that fast you did for 2 days is the same ingrediants for the master cleanse except the master cleanse is done for 10 days.

  • Joesc, would it help to do the master cleanse, to get me ready to embark on this life style. I will google it to find out more. What I ate today:



    tomato and carrot salad

    eggless eggsalad with lettuce leaves

    2 liters of water

    and cold green tea. Do not feel hungry, slightly spaced out, and my tummy is rumbling in a scary way. I will consider back tracking and doing a master cleanse. Thank you, Deika

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    I did the master cleanse before I did the raw foods because I wanted all the toxins I could get out to be long gone before I try this new lifestyle. I believed it helped me a lot because I wasn’t as dependent on having food, I actually didn’t want to start eating again. I was on the cleanse for 13 days. There is a lot of information online but it changes a lot of the information. I had gotten the book from Barnes and Nobles bookstore, they do have a website. It was 6 plus dollars and it is by Stanly Burroughs.

  • Do it Deika! I think that the master cleanse was what allowed me to have such an easy transition. It was not only that after it I felt so great there was no way I could go back, but more importantly, it cleared out my cravings so I didn’t have to struggle at all with them in my transition time. It is hard for the first three days of the cleanse, you crave food, it’s true. After that, it goes right by. I recommend trying it and then easing back to food all raw. You won’t feel spacey or rumbly.

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