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Where do you live?

chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

Where do you live your raw life and what is the Raw Food like there?

Just thought this would be fun. Come On, post a reply. Let’s see what the GoneRaw world looks like.



  • SystemSystem Raw Newbie

    Hey Chris,

    I live in Ottawa, Canada’s capital. The raw foods here is starting more and more – it is mostly the health and natural food stores that are witnessing a bigger demand for raw foods. The grocery stores carry certain items in their organics section, things like raw honey and one or two raw bars. There is also a raw community in Ottawa, called Simply Raw. You can check out their website: www.simplyraw.ca. Brendan Brazier was speaking at their monthly potluck, held last Friday.

    It’s funny, I was wondering the same question a whil ago, and had actually started a forum on this, titled “Curious about location”. Until more people reply, you can somewhat get an idea of some of the members’ location.

    josée :)

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    I am American but I live in the UK between Manchester and Liverpool England. Raw is more public in the south of England near London but pretty quiet around here. I do miss the organic produce selection in Northern California (Arcata) but the fresh dates we get here from Iran are fantastic. Avocados are much cheaper here when compared to the other produce prices, which is also nice. The Vegan movement is very strong here in the UK, because of Animal Rights, not health though.

  • RawAllaRawAlla Raw Newbie

    I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Tacom Washington USA. I think there are 4 raw foodists here. Just kidding but there aren’t many that I can find. I am hosting a monthly potluck on the last Friday of each month in order to build and attract a raw tribe. We have great access to a lot of biodiversity and especially CSA’s here. I have no trouble finding organic food. I get a weekly organic produce order from Pioneer Organics delivered right to my door. I am a carreer massage therapist focusing on severely disabled folks as well as typical folks. I am a full time student at Evergreen. I am happily married to a beautiful woman for 7 years. We have 4 weiner dogs. The dogs enjoy raw fruit and veggies along with the regular organic kibble. Since I started a near perfect raw diet, I feel all sparkly and loving. Pretty cool.

  • I live in Courtenay, a beautiful valley town on Vancouver Island (in BC, Canada) Over the last couple of years the raw food movement has really started to catch on here. I think when I first went raw there was me, my boyfriend and maybe 1 or 2 others. Now there is at least 30 people who are 100%. We have a public raw potluck once every month which usually attracts 50 or more and then every Thursday there is a more intimate gathering at a lovely woman’s house. I also am the manager of the juice bar here which recently expanded to include a salad bar and lots of raw food treats (raw pasta, pizza-which we call beetza, it has a crust made with beets, pies etc.) The owners are raw as well. So I guess we are really lucky to have such a great, supportive, raw community in such a spectacular town!

  • I live in Chile. The diet here is entirely based on meat and white bread. I have yet to meet a raw foodist, but have come across a few (three) vegetarians in my 2 years here. It is impossible to find any kind of health food store item, but the produce is delicious and cheap. I can get a kilo of avocados for a dollar. Yes, thats right.

  • I live in Chicago and the raw food movement is pretty good here. There are two raw food restaurants in the city and wild oats and whole foods offer raw foods. In the summer we have a bunch of farmers markets so it is easier to get large quantities of greens then.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I live in Flagstaff Arizona, USA. I have heard rumors that there are other raw foodists in the area, but have not met any thus far. We do have an amazing natural market however where I can find most everything I need!

  • I live in Key Largo, FL, paradise on earth. Beautiful weather, warm oceans…BUT…95 minutes from Wild Oats in Miami and you HAVE to leave the Island (OMG!!!, seriously…a problem) There is no one that I know of anywhere close that eats raw. I know no vegetarians. I am the manager of a fabulous SAD food restaurant (one of the best in the upper keys) and I have always been a “foodie”…what that means is…I know food. The cooked kind, sadly enough. I would start a group, because of me, there is an interest, but I don’t feel comfortable yet, I don’t know enough and I am struggling to keep to 75% raw and move slowly towards 100%. We just don’t have the resources down here and people are either rich or poor (very little of us middle class folks) and I find the rich eat steak, the poor eat what they can and us middle of the road folks are the health conscious ones. Please don’t take that as being prejudiced, but I’ve traveled and lived here for over 20 years and we have a totally different world here than in the rest of the US. I’m struggling to learn and to do…but I am feeling the difference and spreading the word.

  • I live in San Luis Obispo, California. I haven’t met anyone raw as of yet but then again I haven’t been looking very hard. I practically live at New Frontiers, I stop of almost everyday on my way home from school and they have a pretty good selection of produce. What I love is the farmers market here every thursday that has copious amounts of gorgous fruits and veggies!!!! I’m going to put posters up to start a potluck around school and town so hopefully I’ll meet some fellow rad foodists! I’ll be living in the bay area for summer, then moving to LA this fall so if anyone lives in LA let me know!

  • I live in a small rural town-Bucyrus, Ohio. I don’t know of any vegetarians, let alone raw foodists. Our local grocery store has a tiny organic dept. But at least they carry Larabars! I travel to Columbus Ohio (about 50 miles away)1-2x / month to go to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    I am in Houston, Texas. I haven’t met any raw vegans. I met three vegetarians in my life and it is in Atlanta, Georgia. Houstonians love meat. There are a few whole foods store but it hasn’t caught on. In Atlanta there were many health food stores and farmers markets.

    I miss having that huge selection but I see that some popular grocery stores are trying to have organic sections in their stores.

  • I live in San Francisco. There are tons of food options here, including a raw food place named Alive that always has lots of little goodies for sale at the twice-weekly farmers’ market near my office. There used to be the great upscale raw restaurant, Roxanne’s, but it’s been closed for about a year. I know there are probably loads of raw eaters around, but I haven’t met any others since I started eating raw about two months ago.

  • I’m always so nervous revealing my exact location on the internet….

    So, I’ll tell you I live in NW Colorado, and everyone here is very health concious. I’ve not met any other raw foodists, but I know a LOT of vegan/vegetarians. And, all of those people are very interested in raw food. They are very open to raw foods and eating healthier, which makes my life easier. THere are a ton of vegetarian/vegan restaurants, and all restaurants have 4+ GOOD veg dishes (though I cannot partake any longer…).

    I have Whole Foods, Sunflower, the Vitamin Cottage, a co-op store that carries only local organic produce (and where I know a raw foodist works at, though I’ve not met her), a huge CSA (community supported agriculture) farm you can buy into for $500 and get 20 lbs of fresh veggies delivered to your door for the 20 week harvest, and all the chain grocers have taken notice of this trend here – so now they all carry beaucoups of organic produce and LaraBars and a couple of other raw food bar brands. And there are 3 different large farmers markets 2 times per week all throughout harvest season.

    So, I live in the perfect place to be raw! Now I’m ready to move though and start my OWN farm… with a fam of 4, this is PRICEY to upkeep.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I live in Newton-Le-Willows in North West England. There are no raw vegans near here that I know of. There are some in the South though, but we don’t venture down there very much.

    There are quite a lot of vegans in the UK. We are a nation of animal lovers so this is veganism for animal rights reasons, not health reasons. Just about every big town has a vegan food shop. All the ones I have been into are full of fake vegan food, like fake ice cream, cream, cheese, burgers etc and it is all absoluntley foul, really bad tasting vegan junk food.

    Most people I talk to think of vegans as pale and unhealthy because of this. That is also the common media portrayal/stereotype too.

    Some vegans I have mentioned raw to have been totally against it. I don’t know why, it seems like they think being vegan is hard enough, so being raw is just taking it too far, it seems that they think I am silly. I know this is just a lack of information. But I am always shocked with that kind of reaction, as Raw always made complete sense to me.

    Chris and I are going to get a stall at the vegan fairs this year to sell raw treats like cheesecake, bread and cheese and courgetti and alfredo sauce. Which should knock their malnourished socks off!

    There is a real lack of information here. I was vegan for donkeys years, and I worked in holistic health for many years and I had never heard of raw food, until I met Chris who is American. And now, I can’t imagine advising a client on their health without mentioning raw food.

    My dream is for a place of our own which has farmland, a huge polytunnel, separate outbuildings for people to come and stay and eat raw food, and a second home in California!

    I wish all you guys on the forum lived near me, we would have such fun, and eat so, so well!

  • Hey all! I live in Chico Ca. We have a couple of decent health food stores, and two GReat Farmers Markets! I havent meet many raw people yet…except my friend! We got into it together. My friend and I are working to get a potluck started also! I also have a big dream like Zoe..to open a Inner Health Club, with Raw foods. Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Education, Natural Health Practioners (massage, acupuncutre, chiro, NP..etc) AND THE DRUM ROLL PLEASE…FREE CHILDCARE ENRCIHMENT PROGRAMS (while parents are on site) Hey Zoe, if you ever come to Nor Cal we can get together and have a raw feast. Anyone else coming my way drop a line…

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Right now I live near Milkwaukee, WI – although I have only been here for 8 months and before that I lived in Chicago all my life. As Patty mentioned the raw food scene is pretty good in Chicago. I still go down there for events once and a while. There really isn’t a raw scene here – no restaurants that serve raw food – although, being a cooked vegan here is very easy. There are several nice co-ops which sell almost everything I need. We get by-the-case young coconuts cheapily at Asian stores here. I order speciality items like raw cacao online. A huge Whole Foods just opened up here (the biggest in the Midwest) but it is more expensive than the co-op so I find that I rarely go. We go a monthly vegetarian potluck where there are several people into raw food and our raw dishes get eaten up!

    Another nice thing is that is a legal nude beach about 2 hours from where I live – not the biggest or the nicest but they are rare in the Midwest so nice to be close to one! My bf and I are trying to get out to California – those of you that live there are so lucky – the raw scene there is awesome. I bought home a tons raw foods (dehydrated packaged stuff) that I actually found in stores there! Never see that here! :)

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Ambikalee – I might take you up on that and turn up one day and eat you out of house and home!!, North Cal is one of me and Chris’s favoutite places in the word.

  • I live in Kansas City, Missouri. I’ve not personally met any other raws, but on meetup.com there is a potluck group with around a hundred members for the whole Kansas City metro area which includes both Missouri and Kansas. I haven’t personally met any. There is a couple on there though that said they were going to open a raw restaurant for a trial period. Hasn’t happened yet. I’m going to go to the Living Light Institute over the summer and hoping to be able to open something in the fall. I have no idea what I’m doing though, so we’ll see.

  • PHILADELPHIA- theres very little here as far as i can find even plain old vegetarian is hard to come by a good veg store here would be a hit

  • flybabyflybaby Raw Newbie

    I live in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany in a little village, Does anyone know any good healthfood stores, markets or anything in the Hunsr

  • I live near Denver, Colorado. We moved up here about a year ago from New Orleans, Louisiana.
    There are quite few vegetarian and vegan restaurants, and I have recently come across raw meetings in the nearby area. I also stumbled across a website for raw fooders that has a calender of events for areas nearby, potlucks, classes, lectures. I am quite excited to visit one. =)
    When spring arrives we will have many farmer’s markets opening again, and I will start my outdoor gardening once more. Luckily, our grocers provide tons of produce and fruit, with a good selection of organics. As well, they are adding more “natural, raw, organic” items!

  • juicyjuicy Raw Newbie

    I live in Toronto! Raw here is catching on….many juice bars, only 1 raw restaurant but many vegan/organic restaurants. Tons of health food stores and finding organic produce is fairly easy!

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    I live in Plattsburgh New York (way upstate, just south of Montreal) and there are no raw restaurants to speak of. There is a nice co-op with some raw items and I talked the produce manager of the grocery store into ordering young coconuts. If I want raw macademia, pine nuts, sea veggies or coconuts I’d have to order them online. I’m from Oregon and would love to move back and live in Portland mostly because they have so many raw/vegan choices!

  • Scranton, Pennsylvania. There is very little of a raw scene here that I know of. Although I have noticed a few more things labeled raw and have seen some raw bars larabars and another brand available (maybe that’s a good sign) I can’t tell you how great it would be if there were raw restaurants and things around here. Even vegetarian or vegan restaurants would be Wonderful. There are pretty much ZERO options for going out on a raw diet here, Oh how I used to love restaurants.

  • Yakima, WA - Berries, apples, pears and cherries everywhere!

  • RawKarateGirlRawKarateGirl Raw Newbie

    How many people live in Washington State???

  • I am in Valhalla, NY about 30 minutes outside of NYC, so I am fortunate to be close to many raw food options.

  • hannahmariehannahmarie Raw Newbie

    san luis obispo, ca

  • meths969meths969 Raw Newbie

    i live in birmingham uk ,nice to meet you guys.i just dont know anyone around here who is raw,but hope to soon, i buy most of my food in asian shops not bad at all.

  • we just moved to portland from palo alto, california. before that we were in santa monica. words cannot express how i miss eating at cafe soulstice in san mateo and juliano’s raw in santa monica! blossoming lotus is here, which is wonderful but their raw selection is on the small side.

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