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Hello all!!! I am very happy to have found you all and this lovely site! I am a bit “green” when it comes to what tools/equipment I may or may not be needing to begin my raw journey. I can’t afford to buy items like a high end F.P. or juicer, and am not exactly sure what I need to get started. Any tips out there as to what equipment I will actually be best off with and what I really need? Thanks everyone, I look forward to hearing from you! Take care, Leigh


  • Leigh, Welcome! If I had to just get one piece of equipment other than a knife, I would invest in a VitaMix. If I didnt have the money for that I would get a very good blender and then save diligently until I could get a VitaMix. Green Smoothies are a staple in my nutrition as I try to eat simply, I can add nuts or seeds to them and they are sustaining. Check out Victoria Boutenko’s book “Green For Life” Also check out www.rawreform.com. Angela completed a 92 day juice feast using a VitaMix and a nut milk bag. Raw Reform has good info for beginners. Good Luck!

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    Hey Leigh star!!! I believe it depends on what your diet will be.

    The items I use the most is the blender, citrus juicer and food processor. I use my moms old blender and I am saving up for the vitamix because I drink green smoothies every day. I use my food processor to chop up foods and mix recipes that include nuts but that is mostly on the weekends. I juice either lemons, limes, oranges, grapfruits, or kumquats everyday. I use my dehydrator every weekend for my flax crackers.

    If you have a simple diet then you may only need a blender. Try to get something cheap on Amazon until you can save up for the real thing. Having appliances helps give a different variety but it isn’t necessary.

  • Leigh, first hello. The two things I use most are my blender and Food processor. My blender is a $30 hamilton beach smoothie maker…NOT a vita mix but it will work for now… and the F.P. I just happened to get a nice 7cup cuisanart at a yard sale 2yrs ago for $20 what a steal….So keep an eye out you never know what you’ll find. however I have seen them for around $90 during the holiday season at several stores, do you have a Tuesday Mornings in your neck of the woods? I know 90 is still a big chunk but compared to a $300 vita mix or $250 juicer it is one of the cheaper investments. I also use my dehydrator to make diffrent breads (sweet and savory), crackers, burgers, and fruit leathers for all kinds of fun and tastey treats. But honestly smoothies, salads, and choped fruits and veggies are basic, simple, quick, easy, and delicous. So just use your imagination (this site really helps to spark that creativeness in us all).

  • I was just at Costco and there is a kiosk there selling VitaMixers for 359.99. That is a great price. I dont know if this is a travelling road show or if it is available everywhere. It is exciting.

  • leigh starleigh star Raw Newbie

    Wow!!! Thank you so very much RawAlla, tsunrisea and joesc for all your much needed and helpful words! i feel quite blessed to be a part of this community! Cheers!

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    You Welcome!!!

  • Keep an eye out in thrift stores. You never know what will show up. Also, ask everyone you know if they have the items you’re looking for that they’re not using anymore. I once bought a Vitamix for $75 that way. Also try Ebay or craigslist. The best thing that helped me stay raw was Jennifer Cornbleet’s book, Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People. Wonderful and super easy recipes and all you need is a food processor and a blender to make any of them. ~Joan

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