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Anyone try Roxanne's Food

I was wondering if anyone has tried any of the prepared Raw Foods by Roxanne’s (http://www.roxannes.com/) that are available in Whole Foods here in California. The Whole Foods by me finally added them and set up a big display area for them, however the prices are a bit out of my budget to try most of them, since they range around eight to nine dollars for a small pack, however I have tried the Sprouta Bread which was lower priced, and found them pretty tasty and better then most crackers/breads that I have tried.

Has anyone else tried her meal and if so can you give some feedback on them on which ones are nine bucks worthy.



  • I don’t know if they are Roxanne’s but the raw-e-os are really good. Also, Lydia’s organics has a sprouted raw bread that is really good that I think they also sell at Whole Foods.

  • I’ve tried some of Roxanne’s stuff. The Almond Hummus and the Mediterranean sandwich looking things. I did not enjoy any of it. Hummus out of almonds.. it was weird and it smelt like soap. I couldnt even finish half of one of the sandwich wheels. the taste was so bland and the bread looking stuff was so thick. My sister and her boyfriend tried some garlic crackers and they said it tasted like the plastic container it came in. I was disappointed because I was excited for her stuff. This is just my opinion but I’ve had better.

  • Renoir or anyone- Are the raweos you speak of the same recipe printed on here?

  • justbeautiful. Raw-e-os is a company that makes raw oreo looking cookies. They are pretty good and not so bad priced.

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    the chai raweos are groooss but the normal ones are nice

  • Oooooh if someone hadn’t started this topic, I would have right now! I bought Roxanne’s Snap Onion Garlic Crackers last night, that were 8 DOLLARS for a small amount! But I was exploring. So I tried them, and the first bite actually tasted poisonous. Like, so salty and onion-y that I couldn’t take one more bite. Fortunately, I happened to be listening to the conversation of the customer in front of me in the check out at Whole Foods…she was talking to the register clerk about trying new foods, and the woman said, “Yeah, just save your receipt. If you try it and don’t like it, as long as you have a receipt, we can give you a refund.” SO REFUND IT WILL BE. I can’t wait to take these NASTY crackers back. On the flip side, I recently discovered a Raw brand called “Gone Nuts”, and they specialize in nuts with raw organic spices…The rosemary garlic in particular is amazing…and Lydia’s Organic Italian Crackers are ALWAYS satisfying!!!

  • I think there is a whole foods here near Toronto, does anyone know if her stuff is carried up in Canada?

    Also, meganthevegan, make your own flax crackers, they are easy and really yummy!!!! You also get a whole wack of them for whatever it costs you to buy the flax seeds! Not 8 bucks that’s for sure!!! Btw, my ‘cooked’ mother in law searched the entire city of Waterloo to see if she oculd buy my flax crackers!!! For the sake of her trying them, I didn’t tell her they were raw and that i made them! Sneaky.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    the whole raw foods packaged item thing is a little weird for me. isn’t it kind of an oxymoron? for 8 dollars you could get a whole bag of beautiful organic pears, or 3 heads of lettuce and have some change left…

  • I have to agree that it does seem like we’re defeating the purpose of eating raw food by indulging in and focussing so heavily upon raw imitations of grossly processed junk food. I would never touch an oreo before going raw so why would I want one now?! I don’t really understand this. Maybe I’m on the wrong website. I have enough vices to deal with so having raw fudge, pies, donuts, etc really seems to be going backwards. That stuff certainly isn’t calorie free. I just want some simple raw whole foods! And a bag of organic pears would be lovely right now

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    rawkinroll – we sell premade raw food meals and snacks here in the UK. They are handmade by me, and I make them to the highest quality I can, and everyone loves them, we get rave reviews! I do see your point about pre made foods, but they’re not meant to be food you live off, just something to fill in the gaps and give a helping hand when needed. Our food has proved so helpful for people just starting out on raw who’ve never eaten anything made by anyone else, and who don’t have lots of kitchen equipment, recipe books etc. People who are so ill that they cannot make their own food love to buy from us too. And people who lead a very busy lifestyle who have no time to make recipes love to use our food for thier lunches etc. Just fruit and veg may be ok if you’ve been raw for a while but for newbies transition food is a must if you are to stay as raw as most would like. I do think there is a place for products like our and Roxannes, and it also helps to get raw food out into the mainstream! Check us out here: http://www.purelyraw.com

  • Oh Zoe, I’m sure your food is wonderful and I’d love to buy some if feasible. I’m sure yours is totally raw and not so heavy and fattening. I’m sure it’s also incredibly nourishing and wonderful as I’ve seen your website and read many of your posts…. My rant is more focussed on the raw imitation oreos and other raw ‘junk food’ items like fudge and cookies packaged and sold. I’m sure that stuff can be useful with children and transitioning to raw food, but I would prefer real raw food to some of this packaged raw junk food that gives me nothing but bad gas and acid reflux. Seriously I’d much rather have a big juicy apple over laurabar or the like which ends up feeling like a small brick in my stomach. And then on top of it all, a lot of the packaged raw junk food has many ingredients that are not truly raw!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Thanks for the lovely comments rawkinroll!

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