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Anybody know what to do with Brussel Sprouts?

I came into a whole bag of them today.

I haven’t a clue what to do with the buggers.


  • Juice them!

    My family thinks I’m quite strange when I start popping them in the juicer, but they taste great and are a good source of folate, vitamin C and iron. Try carrot, brussel sprout, broccoli and cucumber. But only 2 or 3 at a time – they can be quite strong!

  • Brussel Sprouts make the most delicious slaw. I put them in the food processor with some olive oil, sea salt, garlic, lemon juice, and cilantro or other herb. I’ve also tried fruit variations by adding kumquats or orange slices.

  • I like to slice them thinly and put them in salads a bit like you would regular cabbage. I also found this awsome looking recipe that I haven

  • I tried them raw and got the WORST stomach ache/cramping of my life! You may want to try just a few first and see how you feel.

    Then again, I have a lot of trouble with all cruiferous veggies so if you’re okay with kale or broccoli or other cruciferous ones, you should be okay.:)

  • how about separating the individual leaves and filling them with some sort of dip – like hummus or taco meat ;-)

  • Melismo, I'm really excited to make that slaw this week. I have a feeling I'll love the bitterness with the richness of the garlic. Delish!

  • I love brussels sprouts sliced thinly. mix em up with garlic and onion.

    i did try them in a smoothie once it was a strange peppery flavour not unlike horseradish sauce.

    i call brussels sprout 'baby cabbages' lol

  • A net pal shared this one with me. I have yet to try it but it sound slike a yummy topping or snack :). Wash and quarter the brussels then toss in EVOO, fine chopped garlic and some sea salt. Then just dehydrate till crispy.

  • I just cut them in half, toss with a little olive oil (add whatever spices you want) and put them in the oven on 425 until they get brown and crispy..I just lile mine that way!

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