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I have a friend who’s looking for a good quality blender that can make smoothies juices in. She wants to spend $100.00 Can you recommend something within this budget? Maybe one with a food processor combo?



  • Hi Angela33! No , I can’t think of a blender that she might find under $100. There is a blender that if she is willing to spend some money, it will last her the rest of her life! A VITA-MIX. Those things can grind nuts to a fine powder and makes very smooth smoothies. She can also get a Magic Bullet! I have had the privilege to work with both and I can say that the MB is a good product. The MB has a lot of attachments available. I found mine on TV. Mail order can be good!

  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    since becoming a rawfoodist a couple years ago ive read 1000’s of post on blenders and always check them out at stores and heres my favorite deal going right now . its a sears kenmore elite blender , 750 watts (usual basic blenders are like 450 so this ones alot stronger), and most importantly has a 5 YEAR WARRANTY . and ive looked them over at store and theyre very well made , the only part i dont like is the teeth between the jar and the motor are the plastic / rubbery kind . ide prefer metal , but thing is the 5 YEAR WARRANTY which insures one’ll have a blender that long . and usually they cost around 80 , but til the 10th theyre on sale for $60 with free shipping . if i needed a blender right now this would be it , this things solidly made metal with a heavy glass jar which sits very stably on top of base (it dont wobble like on alot of blenders ) , heres link below . if link dont work it can be found at , go to appliances , then small kitchen appliances and youll see it at bottom of page on left , its silver (not the red ones on sale , those arent as solid / powerful as this one) and cost $59.99 . link =…

  • Astara.. I actually have the Vita-mix 5200 :) But, she can’t afford that one right now… I LOVE MY VITA-MIX!! So, you think the magic bullet would do the trick? I’ll let her know. Thank you:) I wonder if you can make ‘ice cream’ in the magic bullet??

    Michigan roman thanks so much, I’ll give her the link. I appreciate the feedback and so will my friend:) It’s not easy being a recruiter of raw foods:) But this friend is very open minded and would like to try!

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a blender if you can’t, Angela. I know there are dozens of good brands. I get tired of people saying you MUST have a vita-mix. It’s so elitist, good blender or not, to say you MUST have one and there is nothing else good>:( I think it’s really sweet to help your friend.

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