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Raw in England?

Hey, I’m new here and wondering how many other people are here from England or the U.K? :)



  • Hi,
    I’m from sunny south England =)

  • Hi Terra, great to meet you :D If you have any advice on local raw-food places/shops/etc it would be great to know! :D

  • Hi

    I’m from sunny south England as well (or at least it certainly was today!)

    Hmm…not sure if I should say this, but there’s plenty of advice on UK raw-food places/shops/etc on the UK forum I moderate…click my pic – all info on profile.

  • Hey Debbie, thanks for posting :) I will take a look at your site for sure! Nice knowing I’m not the only one from England here! :D

  • me too! west kent. have only just found this (brilliant) website but have been raw on and off for a year and have been to a couple of talks/seminars in the uk run by therawfoodcoach.co uk and detoxyourworld.co.uk – all very inspirational.

  • Hey Grania, I’m in North-West Kent :) It would be awesome to attend some talks/seminars, I will look out for some in our area!

  • South! Pah! Lol. ;-) Newcastle but from Lancs.

  • Lol, nice to see some Northerners are out there too ;)

  • gymgym

    Hi i’m in berkshire is anyone in the this area?

  • DeborahBeeDeborahBee Raw Newbie

    I’m in Liverpool.

  • Heya Deb :) Another Northerner, great to see people from all areas of England are here!

  • Hi to all
    I’m in Dorset
    Question? how do you guys deal with socializing—Meals

  • I’m from Folkestone in Kent

  • Awesome :D

    I’m not good with meals, I had one the other day for my mother’s birthday and we went to a Harvester Restaurant so unfortunately I couldn’t eat raw, but I had lots of salad and a small main meal.

  • Hi thanks evildarkvirus i find the dealing with outside world and converting to raw hardest it like fighting battle between youself your old beliefs and mental cravings and your friends

    onto another subject check out this blog re from another member
    http://therawkitchen.blogspot.com/ she is in Brighton and the receipes look amazing

  • Hiya we are in berkshire

  • :) Great to see there are people in England being raw! It feels like the Americans have it easier than us – getting my hands on an affordable dehydrator is looking to be a hard job and some ingredients are hard to find. sob. Well I am going to try my best!

  • hi, i’m in scotland….anybody out there??? :p

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Wow loads of Brits!

    CHEERYDEB - you’re in Liverpool, you have to come to our Potluck! We do it every month. The details are here on our website : http://purelyraw.com/potluck.htm We haven’t got the March date on there yet but it will be the 15th March(3rd Sat every month) We have people from the Midlands, Leeds, even Shropshire come along. We like to swap recipe books and have a good chin wag and a giggle…it is always a great evening. And I just LOVE having around 15 raw foodists in my house at the same time!! Are you at
    Liverpool Uni? One of our regulars to the potluck is also there studying chemistry. She made the best savoury pie ever last potluck.

    I hope you all know that Red Sugar has opened to rave reviews in Edinburgh. Raw desserts, superfood smoothies and juices, Lucky Edinburgh. Their temporary website is here:

    Evildarkvirus – my hubby just made a HUGE dehudrator with bits and bobs from B&Q – basically a shelving unit and some lightbulbs, it works perfectly, is 4 times the size of a 9 tray excalibur and cost

  • hi i am in birmingham, could use some company

  • Hey Maggie, how are you? Good to see some more Brits! I’m not close geographically but I’m a good talker/listener if you’d like some online-company :)

  • hi mic,i am finethanks,how are you doing , thanks for replying,even though we are not close geographically , i appriciate your replies,better that nothing, sorry my english may be bad am originally african,i will be here for four years in april,good experience ,believe it or not i love the weather and there is a lot more raw food around in all seasons,

  • Heya, I’m not too bad at the moment. Don’t worry about your English, I understand perfectly. I’m glad to know I can be a help :) I’d like to get to know more about you and your raw-experiences. Do you have some sort of online-messenger? Msn/aim? Would be nice to chat :) Otherwise replies on here would be ok.

  • sorry went out for a while,yeh i have had some experience,in 2005 i was so overweight,more than 87kg,think is abt 14 stone or more,size22,yeh,i fist heard of it from a guy george malkumus who had healed himself from cancer on raw carrot juice, he learnt f it from the bible , the bible records that the oldest man that ever lived died at 969 years old and their diet was raw, so i changed from SAD to vegeeterian ,to vegan to raw and i lost alot of weight, my lowest size was 8, but now am back to 12as i havent been very faithful, i wanna try to loose again, its a great feeling, sorry at the moment havent got any sorta online messenger ,i think i should try to learn more abt it

  • goodnyt mic.

  • Heya :) sorry it’s been a while, i’ve been at work. Do you have msn? Would be good to chat over that, fater! lol.

    I’m a size 12/14 at the moment, at my largest I was just under 17 stone and now I’m about 12.5 stone :) I would love to lose the last bit of weight and get to size 12. I am hoping that raw food will help me get healthier as well as lose those last few kilos!

  • wow,wow,wow, lost all that weight! thats so gret !and i believe you can do the rest, i am hoping to get down to size 6 ,am 12 at the moment,so far so good onday one of green smoothie feast /fast, how abt you ? all the best gal, would love to hear from you soon,

  • Heya :) thanks! It was hard work and it’s not over yet, but I’m working on it ;) I would love to be a size 12 :P I have had green smoothies today and it has gone well. Was surprised that I could have carrot tops in a smoothie and not find it hard to drink lol. I love fruit smoothies so I am hiding greens among the fruit ;) I had ginger in my smoothie too! Was good!

  • i had ginger in mine today tooo was good,i feel like am already starting to loose all the best, i am with you

  • I went out today and bought a huge bag of frozen fruit :D I plan to make lots of yummy smoothies with these fruits alongside various greens. The ginger last night was good! I will have to have more ginger-smoothies. I weighed myself this morning and I was 76.6 kg, last time I weighed myself (a week and a half ago) I was around 78 kg :D so it is having an effect!!

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