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I am new to all of this. I have been on a SAD diet for almost 50 years (oops…ok…I’m close to it!) and have had constant problems. I met a raw food couple a few years ago while they were in the Keys visiting and they left a lasting impression. I have wanted to go in that direction for 2 years now. The last straw was food poisoning a few months ago. So, I kicked a bunch of habits. 5 years ago, I stopped a 12 pack a day diet coke habit, and three months ago I kicked the 4 cups of Cuban coffee a day habit. I stopped eating meat of any kind and I stopped eating most dairy. I slip on the occasional cheese & cracker thing. I gave up breads. If I eat anything cooked these days (besides the cheese and cracker slip ups), it is vegetarian. I have questions which will sound weird….does anyone else notice that after a few days of eating raw…cooked stuff, of any kind, seems tasteless and bland? Does anyone else but me, get stomach problems (heart burn/gas/indigestion) after eating cooked food? Food combining, I’ve heard mentioned, but don’t know much about it. I’m trying to keep it simple. Freezing stuff….I am making that FANTASTIC green and gone smoothie…can I freeze the leftovers for the next morning. I have been doing that and mixing it with a frozen banana and some water in the blender the next morning. BUT I do not know how much nutritional value I may be losing. ANYWAY…thanks for this fabulous website.


  • JoescJoesc Raw Master


    I have not had the stomach issues you mentioned after eating cooked food. But I have felt heavy like I was bloated. One day a week I eat cooked food which is mixed with raw food. I am trying to finish my vegetarian chili and soups I have slowly. At first I didn’t even touch the cooked food because I was afraid I would relapse but the raw food does have more flavors in my opinion. I haven’t had any dairy but I have had the cravings for cheese. You can freeze the left overs, and you will lose some nutrional value but it’s better than throwing it away. I wouldn’t suggest you keep the food in the freezer too long. I don’t freeze any juices longer than three days. If I will drink it the next day then I will leave it in the fridge. I don’t save citrus drinks because they become rancid quickly.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hia, you must feel great after kicking the cola and coffee, I know I felt amazing after letting the caffeine go. I lost a lot of water retention as well.

    I was so relieved that cooked food tasted dead and lifeless after I had been eating raw for a bit. I have noticed that I feel a kind of charge in raw food like it is electric, and it just isn’t there with cooked. And the flavours just aren’t the same.

    Cravings for me weren’t about the taste of cooked food it was all emotional, wanting to be stuffed and the ‘comforting’ feeling of having a heavy belly. I read somewhere that eating cooked food paralyses your intestines, maybe that was the feeling I was looking for! I felt pain after eating cooked once I had gone raw,stomach ache and dry skin, and a runny nose. It also burned my mouth and gave me blisters in my mouth. Thank Goodness it all tastes like cardboard and plastic to me now ;)

    Today I have been gorging on red grape and strawberry juice, it is totally delicious, so much better, more decadent and tastier than fried cows butt!

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