Sunflower seeds....

I am making tacos this evening. Does anyone have a “meat” recipe using sunflower seeds? Or could I just use the walnut taco”meat” recipe and just use the seeds instead?Thanks.


  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    absolutely! just use those sunflower seeds instead :) I sure it will turn out awesome.


  • Thanks,i was afraid no one would respond and its almost time to start prparing dinner!whew,thanks humanimal!!!!
    I was thinking maybe of making it a bit more like a pate so I cold eat with other things later in the week…................?

  • You could always make a fishy like patte with the sunflower seeds and make “fish” tacos if you have seaweed powder handy. That could easily be used other days of the week as a sandwich filler or stuffed inside of a tomato cup.

  • Thanks Fritemare. I have decided to 1/2 the recipe and make two fillings. I have kelp powder and sea salt would that work? I may just make a pate with toamto,grlic and herbs? Love the tomato cup Idea.

  • I use a seaweed/salt mixture instead of just plain sea weed to make fishy tasting things. It works just as well!

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