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I try to be a healthy, balanced omnivore everyday of my life. I’ve had an interest in going raw for a while and finally, I’ve started to do so. I’m pretty much live bait on the subject though and would really appreciate any tips or pointers from the rest of you rawers.

One question I had was I was told there are alot of raw mommies out here. That being so, I had a question. I’ve started to go raw, I’m making the transition slowly. I am also trying to get pregnant. A friend of mine told me that going raw while trying to conceive might be counter-productive.

How safe is it to go raw while trying to get pregnant? I’m concerned because I eat raw steak as well as raw veggies and fruit.


  • Raw is safe for all forms of your life, BUT eating raw meat NEVER is!!! Why would you put meat that is full of antibiotics and steriods in your body?

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    Dr Gabriel Cousens has a lot of info on pregnancy prep, both nutritional and emotional, in his book Conscious Eating. It is one of my favorite references on live food and nutrition. I highly recommend it.

  • SueSue

    I have to agree with waterbaby. Raw meat is just dead animal. Even if it’s grass fed and hormone and antibiotic free. Meat takes ages to digest and can cause your system to be sluggish. I’m not one to preach cause I haven’t worked out all the kinks in my own diet, but I know that animal based foods are the only foods that can add bad cholesterol to your body. This may sound lame, but if you crave meat, try making a mushroom based raw recipe. There is one for “herb encrusted mushroom steak” on the “raw with Rhio” site. I made this several times and even my non raw husband liked it. (I really have to start posting some recipes!!)

  • I think Natalia Rose has a great program for transitioning as an omnivore. Her book has recipies that incl flesh-based meals and her basic rule of thumb is to focus on quick exiting food, so while she does not advocating for eating meat, she states if you do so to combine with vegetables and avoid starches. In her book the raw food detox diet you can rate your own level and start the transition accordingly. I still eat meat myself am transitioning slowly. My meat comes from a farm directly (and sometimes from hunters), but I certainly notice a slow down of my eliminations when I eat it, even following natalia's guidelines. I will eventually eliminate it altogether, most likely, but for now I am working on reducing hte # of times per week and starting from there. So start where you are and go slowly...

    I just realized this was posted ages ago. Did you ever get preggers or still TTC?

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