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Eyes changing color

So I was wondering how many peoples eyes changed color after eating raw and how long did it take? Oh also what color did it change to?


  • My eyes are blue. Last Sept. I did a 12 day oj fast, & my eyes got bluer. I believe that the SAD diet which clogs your organs is shown in they eyes. So the cleaner you get, the clearer your eyes will be, whatever color they are.

  • jenny2052jenny2052 Raw Newbie

    My eyes are hazel—olive green with a ring of brown around the pupil. About a week after I started eating raw the green color became more intense and the brown ring became much smaller. They used to have a lot of flecks of different shades of brown and gold throughout the irises, but those are gone now, too. Basically, the color just became clearer and more uniform. I’m juice feasting now, and I’ve noticed even more of a difference.

    My eyes have always changed color pretty frequently, though, so I think that’s part of why I noticed a difference so quickly.

  • My eye color sounds about like yours Jenny well before yours became more green. Mine are hazel, mostly green but amber brown around the pupil. And sometimes they turn all green for reasons i dont know but I was hoping they would stay green now that ive been eating raw. No luck so far but Im hoping it will still happen. I didnt start eating raw so my eyes would change and im not about to stop just because theyre not!

  • My eyes have totally changed. They used to be dark brown and are now this clear, clear light brown with a dark black ring around the outside. I believe the dark ring is supposed to be an indication of your life force, the darker the better, so I’m happy about that!

  • lol. This is funny but I just went and stared all buggy-eyed in the mirror. I didn’t notice before, but my eyes used to be this really really dark brown when I was a kid and now they are more of a gold colour with this dark brown ring on the outside.
    (sorry. easily amused)

  • My eyes were light blue when I was a little child, but from about the age of 7! my eyes started to turn into a darker blue. Now I hope that my eyes will be nice sea-blue. I have already noticed some kind of difference (or I dunno, maybe I just see what I would like)

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