What supplements do you take?

I’m new to this and was just wondering from y’all who have been at this for a while, what supplements do you take? Are you into superfoods?

I’ve had E3Live suggested…

I also take a daily Vegan Vitamin, a Vitamin C if people in the dorms are getting sick, and a Calcium plus Magnesium and Zinc (to help absorption).


  • As far as “superfoods” go; I figure if it costs more than I get paid in a week; I ain’t eatin’ it!
    I take a vegan multi vit and B-12.

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    Supplements always seemed to be something not natural to me. I know that I am probably wrong, but I still think that the muscles that I would gain using them are not my own and will go away as soon as I stop taking them.
    But I used to take some supplements not intended for sports, and I used to buy Peptides. They are generally good for the body and provide all the necessary vitamins and microelements that we might need. Of course, it is not a medicine, and it will not help you cure a disease, and you still have to talk to your doctor, but they do help you become healthier.

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