Uses for Mushrooms???

I just bought some baby bella mushrooms and a few large portobello mushrooms. I know that I can marinate them though I do not have namu Soyu. Can I marinate it without soy sauce? I need a easy way to use them up and I would like to use them raw but IF I have to, I can cook it for a cooked steak. I might just make a raw steak out of it and skip the soy sauce. How do mushrooms taste on salads??? Any ideas on how to use these mushrooms. If I can use them, I will buy them more often. I want easy ways, preferably.


  • I like to stuff mushrooms with nut cheese and dehydrate them until they wilt up. I usually make a nut cheese from soaked cashews, Bragg’s, lemon juice and garlic.

    You could try marinating them in some salt water? I really haven’t had much experience marinating things without Bragg’s honestly. I love the stuff and spray it on everything.

    Why not dehydrate the mushroom for steak strips or whole and use it as a burger patty? I’ve made wonderful raw taco salad using dehydrated (not until they are crumbly, just until slightly wilted!) portobello strips, lettuce, tomatoes, and avocado chunks.

  • Chris has a few really good recipes for marinated mushrooms that is 100% raw without Namu Shoyu or Braggs.……

  • Soy sauce isn’t raw, but you’d get the same flavor and the shrooms themself would still be raw. You can also make a marinade with cold pressed olive oil, cider vinigar, and colgin for a base. Colgin (Liquid Smoke) I don’t think is raw, but it is vegan and it can really add a nice flavor to a meat substitute. Then you can add whatever spices you want- if you’re going for a meatish flavor, I’d do garlic, onion, and maybe paprika or cumin- stick to smokey spices.

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