am i eating healthy (enough)?

ok, so i take adderall so sometimes i can’t eat very much, but i know i need to in order to function because i feel all jittery (just restarted after not taking it for a few months)... but in general, i have been eating a lot of nama shoyu wraps because it’s the easiest and really tasty..

i usually have..
either romaine or iceberg lettuce to wrap everything up in
always hemp seeds to sprinkle on top
and then variations of these things:
bell pepper
alfalfa sprouts
bean sprouts

uuummmm and i’m not really sure if there’s anything else really
so i have been eating like this a lot… and i want to know if you guys think i am getting a good amount of vitamins and stuff from these types of meals
i know nama shoyu has a lot of salt, but is it too much?

in between meals i eat a lot of apples and oranges because they are easy for me to take in my purse. i also eat A LOT of tomatoes, because i love them… i eat grapes and strawberries for dessert…

there are a few other supplemental things and i mix stuff up occassionally.. and i have some raw crackers my mom bought me… but does this type of meal i’ve described seem to be pretty balanced?


  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    i’m guilty of not eating enough, so i can’t say much!

    i would suggest adding a fruit smoothie, a few pieces of fruit, and maybe adding an avacodo to your wraps. maybe even a handfull of nuts each day.

    as for me, i ask the same thing of you all:

    i usually have coconut water in the morning,
    yerba mate tea with lemon throughout the day.

    midday snack a piece of fruit

    dinner, fruit salad, usually strawberries blueberries, and green apple, with about 1 oz. of raw cheese, maybe a couple wheat free crackers, or raw crackers if i have them.

    i usually have about 1/2 cup of nuts, or a raw cookie made with almond meal or hazelnut meal as a base, with hemp seed and/or flax

    maybe one more piece of fruit before bed, usually an apple.

    during the warmer months i ate alot more salads, but this has been my winter diet.

  • sobizaar, sounds to me like you’re doing very well, lots of fresh stuff not too many nuts or dried fruits which is often a common problem for us raw foodies. I’ve found that I really enjoy having a green powder that provides a bunch of good things but most importantly spirulina, seaweed, bee pollen (not vegan), and probiotics. The Nama Shoyu IS high in sodium so I would recommend not having it every day and making sure that you have only a 1/2 teas at most in a day. It’s amazing how having too much salt in your diet can throw things out of whack.

    I would say the best way to make sure you’re getting what you need is to think of how you feel physically. I totally understand that it can be hard to judge considering your jitteriness but mainly think do I have enough energy, am I sleeping relatively well, have I gotten more than one cold/flu/illness recently? If you’re feeling well generally I would say keep on with what you’re doing. If not then I would try some sprouted grains and/or beans because they may add what you’re missing.

    Hope that’s helpful!

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    I would consider loosing the Iceberg lettuce and replacing it with a leafier lettuce, like Redleaf, greenleaf, more of that Romaine you like. Iceberg is not high in nutrition or fiber like that others. Other than that, everything looks great.

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