Are there any tricks to dehydrating your own sundried tomatoes?

I’d just like to know how to do it. What kind of tomatoes are best to use? How do you have to prepare them? How should they be cut? Anything else would be helpful too. Thanx!


  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    since going vegan 15 years ago ive seriously gardened and have tried like say 30 varietys of tomato and my favorite just so happens to be a type thats excellent for drying , that being the variety ‘PRINCIPE BORGHESE’ . theyre about the size of a golf ball and are very early and very prolific , grow all season long and make an excellent salad tomato . you could buy the seeds from , or .

    and on drying ide go search the site at , or try .

  • alicia D, i use romas for home made sundrieds and i slice them into thirds lengthwise they are cheap and avialable and dry nicely overnight in the dehydrator, as for the flavor , well im sure some nice home grown ones of the heritage variety would be best like Michigan roman states above!

  • I leave the peels on.

  • Thank you everyone for the great info! I cant wait to try this myself!

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