Bee Pollen

I think I would like to start taking bee pollen as a supplement but had two questions—does it have a taste? Like will I taste if I put it in my smoothies? Also has anyone had any adverse reactions to taking bee pollen? How much is an ideal amount per day? I’d also love to know the benefits—what changed for you when you started taking it…


  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    Bee pollen tastes a little sourish and has a chalky texture… It kinda ruined some really good smoothies for me, you have to kinda match it with your taste as to what kinda smoothie you add it to. In my opinion it doesn’t go great with creamy smoothies.
    If you might have bee allergies or pollen allergies stay away from it or try it with caution- it’s very highly allergenic.
    I think the recommended dosage is a tbsp twice a day. That’s to start with, just play around with it to see if you’d like more or less. I personally felt incredibly drawn to it (probably protein content) and wanted to eat it with a spoon.
    I also felt more energised after I started having it every day.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Like Morning_theft, I don’t like it combined into smoothies. I just like it plain from the spoon.

  • Interesting. Is it palatable? Does it taste at all like honey?

  • My son eats it from the spoon, he loves it! But, I don’t like it plain. I put it in every smoothie & I guess I’m just so used to it I don’t notice the flavor.

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I get a wildcrafted one from naturalzing and it tastes sweet and flowery. I don’t really like it in smoothies, but I love it off of a spoon. I eat couple of TBSP per day. I read to put a grain or 2 under you tongue and let it dissolve and make sure there are no reactions. I don’t have allergies so I didn’t really worry about that part. I guess the texture is chalky, but I really like the taste.

  • Thanks! This is all really helpful.

  • I really like the taste too. Though I have only tried the free samples at our HF Store. I need to buy a pound of it but have not gotten to the other HF store yet. I called around, and one place sells it for like $20.00 A POUND AND THE OTHER SELLS IT FOR $7.50 a pound. BIG DIFFERENCE.

  • What are it’s benefits as far as beauty goes?

    I’ve tried looking up some information, but everything I’ve found was just copied from the same site and pretty bland.

    I’d also like if any improvements were noticed while taking it.

  • The amazing benefits of bee pollen cover almost all areas of health of the human body. Future uses which are now being studied include its potential as a cure for cancer and even in treating allergies. It is to be taken note however that its effects can only be gained if it is taken in large quantities or in near to its purest form. This should be the basis for choosing which product you will have to use. Production of bee pollen should follow a standard so that the purity is maintained and to make sure that only the best kind is produced for consumption. More Bee Pollen Health Benefits. GO HERE:

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Bee pollen is an amazing superfood. One of its best benefits is for nourishing the endocrine system, the adrenal glands in particular through its rich vitamin B5 content. So if you suffer from adrenal fatigue its one of the best supplements to take.

    Bee pollen is very rich in vitamin b group in general which is where it derives its energy enhancing benefits. Overall rich in nutrients and great to take.

    I enjoy it straight from the spoon it does have a slight taste, its best to take it away from other foods and not in smoothies as some of the nutrients can be blocked by others.


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