What to make with turnips?

I need your help! I am a new raw foodie, and I get a box of organic veggies delivered to me in the DC area weekly. In this weeks’ box was a handful of turnips and I have no idea what to do with them. Any yummy suggestions out there? Thanks so much!!


  • I love turnips straight up. I like to chop them up, keep them in the frigde, and snack on them like carrot sticks. Turnips are also good grated, put in a pile along with grated carrots, beets, sweet potatoes (all seperate piles), then drizzled with Nomi Shannon’s asian dressing. Very scrumptious, my kids love it.

  • Try this recipe for Raw Ravioli – it’s a great way to use those turnips!

  • Hi rose,

    I used to live in DC at 14 and Q and in 2002 and 2003 I got a box of organic veggies, it was run by a coop and this guy used to stop at 16 and P I think and hand out the boxes out of his truck. How I miss DC, great farmer’s market at Dupont Circle and then at Adams Morgan on Saturday morings ad Columbia and 18th ….I was a vegetarian then, went vegan, now I am in week 1 being raw. Sorry for this exessvie nostalgia…you just brought back such memories. Guess I am homesick…ok peace Deika.

    Ps. Turnip greens are really high in calium, you can add them to your green smoothies. Ciao, D.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Put in food processor. Use as rice?

  • Thanks sooo much! I will try these ideas tonight! I have never had them raw until now, always before in soups, stews and roasts. I am looking forward to experimenting a bit :)

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