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Sick when eating cooked food



  • GulayG1rlGulayG1rl Raw Jr. Superstar

    I don't feel well eating cooked either. I get backaches and also acne :( 

  • wendym8396wendym8396 Raw Newbie
    edited July 2021

    Don't worry, if you started to eat healthier and feel sick, that is because your body must get used to your new type of food. It's something normal, so you don't have why to worry. It's essential to cook the food properly, you must know very well how to cook it. To ensure that my food is the best, I started using a modern kitchen scale. It's my right hand in the kitchen. With it, I know the right proportions to use in a receipt, that considerable advantage. 

  • deer4deer4 Raw Jr. Leader

    For the last 2 weeks-ish I have been 80%-sh raw. I have a cooked breakfast, the rest of the day is raw and I eat a cooked meal on the weekend, such as shrimp/fish. Last weekend I tried to eat lobster with cooked rice. I had a feeling I should have had my riced cauliflower And I was right...I should have had the riced cauliflower. I was nauseous and bloated. Then one day, I am still craving sugar, I decided to have a dingdong....It tasted horrid!!! Terrible!!! I haven't had one since. 

    My daughter decided to go 80% raw with me this time. She is doing it for digestive reasons. Her stomach is constantly upset because of food. I am suspecting something hereditary on my husbands' side. They all have digestive issues. Since my daughter has been 80% raw, no digestive issues. I noticed her skin color is back as well. It's odd. As a baby when I would be in my garden she would crawl over to the ripe stuff and just eat from the garden. When she started walking, she would go up to the counter and grab the fruit and veggies. I would always find a couple of bite marks in them from her lol! Then of course she became a teen and started eating differently. I am glad she went back. I am glad I went back. Next...I start on my sweet tooth!

  • Nutriveggie101Nutriveggie101 Raw Jr. Superstar



    Overally cooked foods are not fully recognised as natural foods by our immune systems,this due to the lack of cellular structure,try less cooking time and make sure your eating organic. If this persists have a look at foods that have lectins,you may need ultra sensitive. 

    So,when people choose to go raw,most people go gluten free by default,most people are actually gluten/grain intolerant.two weeks away from gluten will result in stomach pain and digestive issues (ibs)when you return this to your diet, you only find out the result when you have a break of at least 14days and then try some again, for the record....in Western mature adults over 80% of us are gluten intolerant. 

    I have found this to be true with 90% of my friends and family.

    This is also very important to know.... gluten is part of a bigger group called lectins, all digestive disorders and 99% of autoimmune conditions are actually symptoms of gluten/lectins intolerance, we cannot break down these amino chains before they enter the gi tract.





  • RKajiRKaji Raw Newbie

    And why do you eat the food of only one type of preparation? Even if you eat super healthy broccoli every day in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening, you will not get anything good since you will not have enough other trace elements. To avoid skin problems, as a person with acne, I can advise you to eat more raw foods since they contain the most vitamins and trace elements. I work in the office, but I take bags of nuts to the office to have a snack, so I get full of healthy food. I buy bags from https://www.thebagbroker.ae /, there they are eco-friendly and of excellent quality. I hope my comment will help you, good luck

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    I think a lot of the acne that comes with cooked food has to do with how the oil gets super-heated during cooking. It essentially becomes toxic to the skin. Once you realize that our skin is our biggest organ, then it becomes obvious how bad that oil really is. 

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