Saved Recipes in my profile

Hello everyone—How do I access a recipe I saved in my profile?? I’ve looked and looked and cannot seem to find how to pull up a saved recipe. This is a recipe I was going to publish, but didn’t have time to finish it, so I just saved it.

Btw…I did look in “My Recipes” and nothing is showing up. But on the main page below where it says “Add Recipe” it says I have 0 recipes published and 3 recipes unpublished. So I know my recipe was saved, I just don’t see a link to access it.

Thanks for your help!! :)


  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    When you go to your profile on the right hand side go to my recipe box and the recipes you added to your box is there.

  • Hello joesc—Thx for your reply but I’m talking about my own recipes that I was going to submit but did not yet publish. Not recipes of others that I saved in my recipe box. :) Anything I’m missing?? I am still not able to find any type of “edit” button to get to my saved recipes to publish them.


  • Never mind! I got it worked out. The problem was that I needed to have published at least 1 recipe first before my unpublished recipes showed up in my profile (“my recipes”) section. This might be a bug that needs to be worked out for future updates to the GR site. :)

    My next question is how do you delete an unpublished recipe?? I have 3 unpublished “test” recipes that I created and want to delete and I didn’t see any button where I could delete them. I don’t want these “test” recipes just sitting my profile.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Hi jocelynaz: Sorry and about the frustration and thanks for letting us know about the bug! I’ve added it to our list of fixes.

    For your test unpublished recipes, you should be able to choose edit recipe and then see a delete button towards the top right. If you don’t see it, would you kindly write support @ and let us know?

    Thanks and looking forward to seeing more of your recipes!

  • Yeah, frankly you can’t actually delete a recipe yet, only “unpublish” them. We’re definitely working on it! But for now, unpublishing a recipe will have to do I’m afraid!

  • Not a problem! I’m a web designer too and wasn’t sure if I was totally missing this somewhere. :) THanks for all you guys are doing!! It’s an awesome service!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Is this bug fixed… because I am unable to access my saved recipe which is also my first recipe. And, I’m ready to add the picture for my saved recipe, edit, and publish it. If it is still a bug… I will add it again. But, if it is fixed… maybe my profile is one having a problem. Let me know. Thanks.

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s been having a problem with the published/unpublished recipes in my profile.. I finished one and marked it as publish and it hasn’t showed up in the new recipes section on the homepage, not that it’s a big deal just thought it might be a quirk in the system or something. I’m also glad to know I wasn’t missing that delete button for the unpublished recipes either.. That’s ok they can sit there for a while until such time as a delete button can be added to Gone Raw. Thanks guys!

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