All About Advaya *~~

‘ello. I am Advaya. I’m 22 years old and I live in Lexington, Virginia. I am not currently raw but I am vegetarian.

Here’s a little bit about me:

I’m a student midwife, eventually going to be in home-birth practice. This is my main calling, I’ve been passionate about this from the age of eleven.

I’m a lay herbalist, in a mixture of the Appalachian and Wise Woman traditions.

I am most comfortable in the wild.

I plan to homestead, and have been working towards this upwards of five years now. I figure it is best I not get so involved in the rat race that I have a lot to leave when the time comes, so I live frugally.

I attend Rainbow Gatherings, and love my family there.

I’m just your general granola crunchy hippie.

I have food intolerances (wheat and dairy, mostly). I also have chronic digestive issues. My primary problem is gastroparesis, meaning my food does not digest at the normal speed. I get severely bloated very easily. The problems have improved tremendously following my going vegetarian six years ago, and I know going raw will improve them even further. I plan to start out by just eliminating all things I know bother me when I eat them, things like processed food such as soy, and definitely sugars. I am planning to start out including cooked brown rice and beans but raw otherwise.


  • FreesiaFreesia Raw Newbie

    How refreshing to see someone so young having the resolutions that you have, to live naturally and frugally… to be comfortable in the wild.
    I can relate to this, I’m one of the “original ” hippies from the 1960’s!!
    How wonderful also to be present at the beginning of life, always a joyous occasion. I have been present at 9 home births as a doula, but that was many years ago…

    Can you tell us about the Appalachian traditions, herbal and otherwise?.. it would be very interesting
    Good luck on your raw journey, I hope the digestive troubles clear up soon…

  • Hello :) I agree with Freesia, it sounds like you have made some good choices in your life in wanting to escape the rat-race which seems to consume most! I also would love to learn about Appalachian traditions!

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