Any Advice for Pregnant People trying to stay raw?

I started being raw right away on 1/02/2008 – I did great,felt great, lost 20 lbs felt I have never smiled so much. I found out I was pregnant in early February and while I am happy, it is much more difficult to stay raw. Does anyone have any advice? Have anyone been through this before?


  • I found this site. Check it out.

    Jinjee, her hubby,Storm who is 58 years old. He looks amazing. Jinjee was 100% raw for three pregnancies and did amazing. You will too. Congratulations! You can do this.

    Great blessings to you.

  • Congratulations! I had trouble finding info on this topic too. From research that I did online I found that frozen grapes are great if you have sweet cravings and spaggetti squash if you get the craving for carbs.

    I emailed shazzie about this topic and someone from her staff recommended maca in your green smoothies (they disclaimed that this was not intended to be medical advice so I will disclaim that too!)

    Let me know if you find anything else! Jinjee’s story is amazing, but didn’t find much info on how to make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need as a pregnant mama-to-be and if there is anything you should avoid (like sprouts and stevia).

    I am so happy for you!!! : )

  • I am at the end of my pregnancy and had difficulty staying completely raw. I think the best advice I rec’d was to eat good fats like an avocado a day and to include hemp protein powder in my daily green smoothie. I also supplemented with a whole foods vegan iron tablet and I think that really helped. It was really difficult for me to eat enough every day to gain the weight I needed to gain because I’m carrying 2, so hopefully you’re only having 1 and won’t have to deal with that issue.
    I purchased jinjee’s book on raw pregnancy and highly recommend it. She is very open to answering questions if you email her and is coming out soon with a book on nursing your baby.
    hope this helps

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Storm and Jinjee at the Garden Diet site also have great little things to make fast for cravings!!! Very sweet and lucious, mmmmm! Congratulations, by the way!:-D

  • modhinamodhina Raw Newbie

    Maybe you can talk to a naturopath about b12 supplementation?

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I was getting on here to post about my own pregnancy update, and it is so nice to see yet another raw mama on this board! I have not posted much, as many of you know, because I have been struggling alot with extreme nausea and food aversions since being pregnant.

    I am now 16 weeks pregnant, and unfortunately, as much as I have tried, I have not been able to stay 100% raw like I would have wished. I think the biggest obstacle for me has been the food aversions. NOTHING sounds good, raw or not. Luckily within the last 2 weeks, I have started to have much less nausea, so I am starting to crave foods, finally. My body has wanted a lot of fruit lately, especially grapefruit…I can’t seem to get enough! Now, my biggest obstacle is that at mid to late day I want something savory, and I still don’t have a lot of energy to prepare some of my raw favorites, so I have resorted to some cooked foods, such as bread, rice, or a baked potato. My goal for this weekend is to make a TON of my favorite dehydrated goodies so that I can have them on hand for when those cravings strike. I am dreaming of the day when I can drive down the fast food strip in town and stop at a raw fast food place. That would be so ideal!

    As far as good books, I too recommend Jinjee’s e-book Raw Pregnancy, Ecstatic Birth. It has helped keep me inspired and not down on myself when I am eating somthing that is not raw. Another great book that I am just finishing is called Primal Mothering, by Hygea Halfmoon. She is a Fruitarian and has had 3 fruitarian pregnancies.

    Congratualations and keep us updated on your progress! I think there are 3 or 4 of us pregnant right now on this site!

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