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modhinamodhina Raw Newbie
It’s fairly certain to me that we must all have the problem of preparing food and shopping or whatever all of that entrails ha
I first of all can’t seem to get enough sleep-this is a whole nother prob for me-
taking vitamins for that-
however, finding the time to prepare meals, work get exercise, and since my $ is coming from a non career type of job, working towards the other thingin my case it’s going to be a long haul, and I feel like there is not enough time in the day.
Do any of you have any quick tips for food preparation or leaving stuff in the fridge,, maybe I should check out the recipes section again. I just seem to spend a lot a lot alot of time in the


  • Do you have a day off that would allow you to prepare for the week? Today for instance I made it a priority.and yes I sometimes cannot do this to get enough “supplies” for most of the week. I gotmy greens,but may have to add to that later in the week.I try to make sure I have things on hand so today I stocked up on some seeds,oils,fruits again greens,power foods etc. I always feel beter prpared if I take a day(if possible) or a couple of hours to get things together.I do not have children ,not sure if you do but family time and or a diff.job schedule could make preparing harder. Hope I was any help,I just think having things on hand ahead of time makes things easier.

  • modhinamodhina Raw Newbie

    yes, thank you so much, I keep almonds and usually some other seeds soaking in the fridge. I also try to so the sprouting a day before I have time off to prepare crackers, breadsetc, which seems to keep my going. Living off of just lettuce and other veggies is fine some days, but other times I need a bit more of a meal. It seems like i do dishes alot and that is time consuming, but I guess I could be out spending money on cooked food and that would have it’s drawbacks too..what are power foods? Like spirulina? green foods.

  • Sounds like you’re doing pretty well! Being prepared is defintley key. Pre chopping veggies, salads, etc is helpful so if you come home hungry you can throw it together from the fridge w/o doing all the prep. In the begining, it was also good for me to have a mini meal plan for a few days so I’d have all the ingredients on hand and wouldn’t stare into the fridge mulling over what to eat on an empty tummy. Good luck!

  • As a full-time college student, I feel your pain… I am presently only about 80-90% raw but this is how I do it:
    Once a week, I go food shopping. I go to the farmers markets and buy the pre-washed salad mixes (so I only have to wash and chop the tomatoes). Afterwards, I go home and make a gigantic salad with veggies and tofu (you could use sprouts) that’ll last me for lunch and dinner for the next several days. I don’t make any fancy dressings, I just squeeze the juice of 1 or 2 lemons to keep everything fresh. That way when I come home, I don’t have to prepare anything. If carb cravings hit, I grab a slice of sprouted bread to eat with my salad. Usually the salad gets finished mid-week, but making a salad only twice a week isn’t that bad. Plus the only daily dish-washing I have to do is my lunch container.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    I do things like make several things in a day that will get me through a few days. I use a blender without washing between recipes. For example, I’ll make almond milk first, cashew cream cheese next, followed by salad dressing, then pasta sauce, then bread dough. I put the bread in the dehydrator with several other items that don’t require the blender (today, it was chewy walnut pralines and sprouted buckwheat). When the buckwheat dries, I’ll mix it with goji berries, et. al. I’ll have cereal, salad, pasta, sandwiches with avocados or tomatoes, veggies and dip and dessert in under an hour. This will last me two or three days.

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