freezing greens

I use a lot of my greens in smoothies and in order to keep them from going bad, Ive been washing and drying them then freezing. I looked online about freezing greens and everywhere says you have to blanch them, which I don’t want to do. They are only in the freezer about a week, but do think this is safe?? Ive been doing it for a few weeks but now im scared since every think i looked up says you have to blanch them first!


  • I personally buy when needed. i stock up on hearty greens for my smoothies and then need to replenish later in the week. Sorry,not sure if this helps but I am more comfortable freezing fruits.Are you able to get greens atleast 2x a week?

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    If you’re going to pop them directly into the blender/processor, it’s fine. Just remember that if you thaw most frozen veggies out, they turn to mush if they haven’t been blanched first.

    I freeze my kale all the time, for weeks at a time. I don’t thaw it; just throw it into the blender.

  • No mham unforunately I can only go once a week if im lucky! And thanks Alix, I guess thats the reason they say to blanch first they don’t expect most people will be using them in smoothies! But thats all I use my frozen greens for. I freeze kale, red chard, collard greens, and some spinach. I save some spinach for salads too but the other greens I just like in smoothies.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    I always thought that blanching was to mainly to retain the color of the vegetable and to kill off the enzymes so that they don’t continue to breakdown (which doesn’t make sense since they are frozen?). I personally think it’s a case of “old-school” way of thinking…the same as MOST recipes specify to cook your corn before using it in salads or eating it off of the cob…just is not necessary. I never thought about freezing greens before but will give it a try. Sometimes we just don’t eat it fast enough and if we are away for the weekend, it’d be better than throwing it in the compost! We have a friend that washes, dries and throws her tomatoes, whole, uncut, into the freezer in freezer bags, then pops them into her blender to make raw soups. There also was a discussion on freezing avocadoes whole which I think sounds clever. Thanks for the tip :)

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