starting busy mom on raw diet

Hey everyone I’ve been on the raw food diet for a month now, raving about it to my family, who are now slowly starting in varying degrees to cave to my way of eating and try to incorporate some of this into their diet. My mom works long, hard hours and also spends a lot of time (2 weeks out of a month or more) flying to do seminars, etc. and staying in hotels. She is asking if she can do the raw food thing with all the airplanes, seminars, hotel rooms, business, time, etc. With all of this stress and without exercise, I would really like to get her started eating more of this stuff, if not all if she sees the benefit of it, but my 90% blender and highly unportable meals aren’t really attractive to her. So I thought I’d ask anyone out there with some more experience, what options might be available to her? On the plane she takes something she can just grab, she says she wants “food” (I think this one would need to be gradually weaned into) and she needs things she can buy at airports, etc. too. Any suggestions???


  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    I went through the airport every year of my life until two years ago. In the airports the only raw food she can eat is fruit and salad.

    When I am out, I have a salad pour some lemon juice and eat. She can make energy bars or the cherry bars and take it with her but I am unsure if it can go on the plane with her. I had gotten a recipe that didn’t require a food dehydrator but it did need a food processor. If the airport bag checker doesn’t recognize it, he will probably make her throw it away.

    When I know I am going away for a long time for example to go shopping, hang out with friends etc. First I eat before I go. I keep the bars and flax crackers handy and I snack on foods that I consider heavy for example bananas (even though I hate them). I prefer hand foods if I am on the go. The flax crackers requires a dehydrator.

    I suggest you tell her to eat more fruits and vegetables in lieu of certain particular meals she would eat. Also adv her to have veggies be the majority of her dish and instead of using dressing use oil and vinegar with seasoning.

    The few forums I read with people who travel a lot on the raw vegan diet usually don’t get to eat that much when travelling and when they eat it is usually fruit.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I think if she spent one day a week making some dehydrated food like crisps, crackers, bread etc, then she could take that with her with some almond cheese or another dip type thing to snack on.

    We buy sturdy plastic bottles like squash or soda bottles, chuck away the crappy drink inside it and fill it with raw juice/smoothies.

    She could get one of the raw food companies to send her ready made raw food to take with her.

    I think it is really do able for anyone.

    If she goes raw, she’ll have tons more energy to do the food preparation with and she’ll feel great and that is a big motivation. From a cooked food eater’s point of view it seems like a hassle, but not after you been raw for a bit, it is all a pleasure by then!

    Most raw food books I have seem to have a section on what to take traveling.

  • true and true! There are really many good options! Also, there are these cool japanese thermos bottles made by Nissan. They are stainless steel, sleek thermos bottles made so well they hold a temperature for 24 hours with a change in temperature of only a few degrees. They cost 20-30$ each but work like magic. Use for green juice or seed milk or seed sauce. ^ u ^

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