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probiotic supplement as "yogurt" starter

newbienewbie Raw Newbie

Is it safe/possible to use a probiotic supplement as a “yogurt” starter?


  • newbienewbie Raw Newbie

    any thoughts?

  • I used in the past and wish Iwould satr this again,kefir made from young coconut water. google the body ecology diet.

  • modhinamodhina Raw Newbie

    Yesterday in one of the b12 forums flybaby put a link up for a product that you can purchase that does this. It is for making saurkraut and kefir and anything fermented? I could have misunderstood.

  • MopokeMopoke Raw Newbie

    Poemmom’s macadamia cream cheese recipe uses a probiotic powder as a starter culture. I made the recipe and then made yoghurt from a spoonful of the cheese. I have kept the culture going through 4 smallish batches of macadamia milk (a handful of nuts a go) and it’s been making great yoghurt. Today I added some brazil nuts to the mix because I am craving selenium….. hmmmm it’s been parked outside in the sunshine all day and it tastes good. NB the culture seems to set a bit quicker than with dairy.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    I’ve seen that same mac cream cheese recipe mopoke and didn’t know where to get probiotic powder.. can you usually get it from a health food store? what types of products would it be near?

  • KristensRawKristensRaw Raw Newbie

    Yes, I use a probiotic to start my coconut yogurt. My favorite brands are ejuva or jarrow.

    Kristen Suzanne

  • newbienewbie Raw Newbie

    I tried it last night with coconut milk. I first blended the meat with a little coconut water to make a cream, then added the rest of the water. I used regular health food store brand probiotic supplement (5 capsules worth). I mixed it all together and let the coconut milk sit in a yogurt maker for 4 hours (I used to make it with milk before going raw); however, the coconut cream and coconut water separated. It didn’t have a homogeneous, creamy consistency.

    What did I do wrong?

  • KristensRawKristensRaw Raw Newbie

    Try this: I blend the coconut water (about 3/4 cup plus any additional to get it blended with about 3 cups of coconut meat). Then, add the probiotic (3 capsules), put in a glass mason jar with the lid and allow to ferment at room temperature for about 12-20 hours, or until you get your desired tartness. I like to stir in cinnamon and/or fruit after I achieve the desired tartness (or right before I eat it). Coconut yogurt lasts in the refrigerator for about 4-5 days. Works every time and it’s delicious!

    Kristen Suzanne

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    KristensRaw, that sounds so good! Thank you for the recipe. My son loves yogurt, & I am trying to transition him away from dairy. This one I can eat, too!

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