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Detox benefits and symptoms..

Hi all,

I just wondered what some of the detox symptoms any of you may have had or are experiencing. I realize everyone is different but I just want to be able to read about this kind of stuff because it would be helpful.

I am experiencing weird aches, my right hand today got really stiff and then it went away. This has never happened before and I am 40 yrs young!

I have some problems with my left knee but today I got a strange really tingly feeling in the this knee. Not pain, not discomfort but tingling. I am also passing tons of water, I wonder if this is because I am drinking more, and getting more through fruit and vegetables or if this too is part of the process.

Good things: My skin is getting kind of glowy, eventhough its only been 1 week, I have lost 2.5 lbs, probably water weight but this is encouraging.

My eyes are brighter, the whites whiter and shiny. My hair too feels softer and shiner. Could all of this be happening this quickly? This is just day 6. Thanks, I would appreciate any feed back


  • Hey Deasmiles -

    I started a thread a couple of days ago titled “Am I detoxing?” YOu might want to look there – a few posters talked about the detox symtoms they have experienced, and i started the threat b/c of a little face rash i got earlier this week (gone now).

    i read your post on another thread about the health problems you’re dealing with, and I just wanted to tell you how happy I am for you that you are making this change. as good as 2.5 lbs lost in a week feels, that 10lb mark you’ll hit soon is going to feel incredible. i’m sorry to hear that there is no support for this in your community, and i’m glad there are sites like this where you can build some virtual world support. Congratulations on the changes you are making!!! I have only been raw for less than two months, and my weight went from 145lbs to 124lbs in that time, and i feel absolutely incredible. i hope it’s not water weight!!

  • Hi guys,

    day 11 for me, and exept for some agave syrup in a couple of desserts I have been eating entirely raw. So far I have lost 5 lbs, the first week I felt weird, tummy bubbly, some tingling sensation going on in my hands, and left leg and that was about it. This week my nose is running like crazy, this is embarrassing to write but I have been going to the bathroom a lot, and strangely feeling really tired, achy and sleeping or needing to sleep more. I think these sensations I am feeling have to do with detoxing. I read this site all the time, it helps to know that there is a community of people doing the same thing. Easter was tough for me, had to make a big lasagna with ground beef and roast a beef roast. Tough in that it was nauseating, but I got through it. I made my family a raw banana strawberry pie, they were amazed, the kids loved it …but my boyfriend was like “wow, the crust is so rich, too rich…” and I thought hmmm after scarfing down a beef/pork lasagna and a beef roast roulad stuffed with various pork parts huh…I could almost hear the animals screaming in my mind.

    Ok, final thoughts and question…is it me, am I delirous or does one begin to reek less and one eats less cooked foods. I am still showering regularly but my hair does not get as dirty and I haven’t had that pasty mouth just woke up feeling in a while. Still brush and wash and all but my body is different…as always so appreciate this site being here, and being able to share here. Thanks, deasmiles.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I had emotional detox. Weird moods, memories, old thought patterns, all came and went over a period of 3 months. I had a few months of ‘Person Centered Counselling’ during this period coz I wanted to make sure that it was old stuff leaving me, and not new madness seting in!The counselling was amazing, so glad I did it. And some ugly sores. All of the above plus Tiredness and energy bursts all evened out after taking up daily yoga. Before I tool up yoga I used to slow down the detox by eating cooked food when it got too much, but 100% raw at all other times. Yoga is a better method to deal with it than that! Especially hot yoga, coz you sweat out a lot of toxins whille you are at it.

  • Hey Zoe..I am having a severe breakout of itchy ugly red welty sores…almost like posion oak..but not…no weeping! Its been four days now! ANy suggestions on how to speed this along..I cant sleep itchy!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi Ambikalee The only thing I can think of to speed detox up is fasting. Maybe a fruit juice fast if water fasting is not doable for you. I just went through the sores and let them take their own sweet time, I couldn’t handle even the thought of fasting at the time I had them. I just obseved that if I ‘cheated’ and ate cooked food it slowed the detox down, so keeping it 100% would help speed it all up too. And yoga helps it all get flushed out the system. ummmm MSM is meant to help detoxing because it makes membranes more permable so the toxins move in and out more easily – but I don’t know that for sure that is just what the MSM sellers say, and you might not be up for spending ££££ on supplements when a good old fast would probably do the trick!

    Hang in there, sending you the most positive of vibes!

  • I’ve been noticing recently that I have been getting the shakes. I have a brief bout and then it stops. I have also been breaking out in a sweat. Not sure if thats the detox or my insulin.

  • This is amazing- how common the detox symptoms are. I went on a cleanse a couple of years ago and got a rash and blisters. Some were on my face. I didn’t feel well and had a horrible headache and eye pain. I actually didn’t correlate the two- I just thought great- I was trying to feel better get healthier and then this happens. But I went to three dr.’s because the blister\rash was next to my eye and the pain was intense. It itched at first and then hurt. It turned out I had shingles which can cause permanent eye damage and was put on prednesone. SO these detox symptoms make me scared to some degree because they could be serious- but I am suprised at how many people are experiencing them. All of the chemicals we eat are pretty crazy even the water we drink may be tested and “clean” but they don’t test for all of the drugs that get into the water. I was so shocked by this that a phamaceutical company can dump a bunch of effluent and they don’t test for it so it’s not there. A lot of the toxins are stored in our fat so when we start to lose weight they are released. Concentrated toxins could be really strong so I would back off a little if it is getting too intense- the process may need to be taken in baby steps.

  • I’ve been 100% raw for over 3 months now. I had the usual tired w/ headache feelings during the first week or so.

    The strange thing is, this past week I am tired, moody, “blah” feeling, and a horrible sore on my tounge. I wonder if my body is going through a 2nd stage of detox. I’ve heard that people can periodically go through detox for 1-2 years until their body is clean.

    Has anyone else had experience with detoxing after several months raw? And what can I do about this horrible sore on my tounge, it’s right on the tip and has been there all week!

  • LindaintheRaw… Yes! Absolutely. I am just over 6 months and I have had on/off detox this whole time. I go through periods of the “tired, moody, ‘blah’ feeling”, sometimes accompanied by a coated tongue, headache, pimples, body odor, digestive changes, etc. and then feel great for a bit. On/off/on/off. This was intesified when I tried the Ejuva cleanse a few weeks ago. The detox got so intense I had to back off for awhile. Very emotional, tired, and sore throat/coated tongue.

    Just let the sore on your tongue do its thing…I’ve had lots of weird sores…pimples on my nose, one on my back after an intense massage, cystic pimples on my thighs w/MSM. They all go away eventually. I think you are right about it taking years.

  • I’ve been raw a little over a month now with just 2 days of lapsing back into cooked food. My detox does seem cyclical – it comes and goes – but sometimes I think it’s what I eat as well. For example, it took several days to recover from the cooked food I ate. (I had head-cold like symptoms and felt very rundown.)

    Here are some of my detox symptoms:

    Feel like I’m getting a cold Runny nose Light headache Light-headed Weak Tired Night sweats Colitis (not sure if this is poor food choices) Chills or too hot Stinging pain in left breast Negative thinking Sensitive and teary (when alone…when I’m with people I feel very calm and centered – something new for me!)

    Good health to you all!

  • The night after the second day of going 100% raw I awoke at about 4 in the morning with a piercing headache on the left side of my head. It was nearly impossible to sleep but it only lasted until 8:30 and then I was just fine. That was my only detox symptom.

  • When I was detoxing I would feel high, but without the clumsy slow side effects of weed. My head would tingle and my whole body just wanted to move. Then the next day I would be depressed, not feeling well at all. It alternated every day until I evened out.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Let me tell you, there is detox and there is chelation. I’ve had healing reactions from both and I’m experiencing mercury chelation symptoms right now from the alginates in seaweed. I’m dizzy today, I can barely stand due to weakness in my legs, the coordination in my arms is off and I have a headache. For the last few mornings, it felt like a pin was jabbing me in the knuckle of my right pinky finger. These are all retraced symptoms. The mercury (or other heavy metals) is in my bloodstream now. You have to move it to lose it. I go through this pretty regularly since I was dignosed by a homeopathic doctor as having mercury toxicity (and a few other toxins) and candidiasis. By an allopathic doctor as having MS. I take herbal/natural supplements to fascilitate detox. I’ve been eating raw for nearly three years. It’s one thing to get toxins out, another to remove metals, especially mercury, since it crosses the blood brain barrier. I have good days/weeks/months and days like today when something gets relocated or is on the move. I look forward to these bad days because I know good health is ahead. Being raw has given me the nutrition to support my immune system and other vital systems. Point being, be thankful the poison is leaving your body and don’t try to medicate because you may start the whole process over again when you detox that poison too. Incidentally, toxins sometimes store in fats, so if you lose weight, you may be releasing the toxins into body fluids, hence a detox/healing/Herxheimer reaction. Drink a lot of water to keep things flowing.

  • Hi. I recently got a juicer and drank beet juice for it’s anti inflamatory properties. I also added yucca root, carrot and cabbage. I was in a lot of pain the day after and think it was from something but not sure if it would be called detox. Then the next day I felt better than I had in a long time.

  • I know this is an old thread but I thought I’d pitch in a few cents…

    This is my second experience going raw. The first was purely for a detox then back to my super SAD vegetarian diet. This time (100% raw for 1.5 weeks) my husband has joined me and we’re thinking about converting for good.

    We have both experienced: -Increased strength and energy. (My husband is an AVID everyday cyclist in San Francisco…think HILLS)

    -Increased sensitivity to touch in a GOOD way which has benefited our marriage heh heh..

    -Decreased cravings for junk

    -Decreased chronic pains. (Pains only to seem to come back during peaked detox.

    Our signs of detox:

    - Increased water elimination - Headaches - Re-occurrence of chronic pains. (Neck and Shoulders primarily) - Stiff joints - Tiredness - Sharp abdominal pinches (too few too warrant alarm or a western physician)

    Detox symptoms seem to last a day or two and are accompanied by increased elimination, salt cravings and thirst. Detox days are usually followed by energy-packed, highly-creative, blissed-out days creating a yo-yo kind of feeling some people have referenced. I find stretching, salt baths and increased fluids especially green juices help me through the bumps.

    My husband is very tall and very thin – a super metabolizer, while I am of average height and have a tendency to gain weight. In the last week I have lost almost ten pounds. He has remained the same although our diets are the same. What I found most interesting is that my detox symptoms are much more severe than my husbands. I have attributed it, not just to my normal hormonal flux but also to my burning of excess fat reserves (notoriously toxin-rich).

  • I went raw only 9-10 days ago. I've felt high energy, calm, etc.

    Then today I woke up very tired (but not wanting to sleep) and this afternoon my stomach is really in pain. Twisted in knots.

    All I had to eat today was an almond/banana/apple/ginger smoothie. And this started a good 3.5 hours later.

    Anyone else have stomach pain during detox. Or is it more likely something else.

    I should add - I have a bunch of pimples. Something that *never* happens to me.

  • Just noticed that another poster mentioned "colitis." That is probably what is going on. This too shall pass, I suppose.

  • if fats store toxins, i can see people going thru detox months later when they eventually burn up that old fat from past diet. Assuming that is the case, i would further presume that diligent exercise (cardio) would help accelerate the detox of one's body. just makes common sense to me.

  • acne breakouts are a common detox symptom. I have been going through the same things since a month after I started going raw (5 months now and still breaking out)

  • I can vouch for the sores on the tongue. I keep getting them in the back of my tongue and I've been raw for about a month. I also noticed that my body is more sensitive to cold air. Try putting some colloidal silver on your tongue, that what I do when I can't take it anymore.

  • might the tongue sores be thrush??

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