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I ‘ve been thinking about this since I have started my raw lifestyle,brings me to college when I was eating just veg. raw and cooked and everyone thought I was crazy or had some sort of eating disorder. I was obsessed with herbs and natural choices.nOW i HAVE TAKEN IT FURTHER AND SEE SOOO,SO,SO MANY ON THIS SITE AND OTHERS THAT REALLY GET IT,sorrycapslocked)It is refreshing to know that what ever stage you are in raw or even just high vegan that there are soo many people. I sense a change coming….I was laughed at today for making a special trip back,now 3x this weekend to my semi local organic grocer for two thing: organic parsley and russet potatoss,I am making a vegan soup for my MEAT loving boyfriend,along with as he calls it my “hippie” salad. Point is,I sense a change and so happy about it,wish fast food and soda would dissapear!Any thoughts???? I just hope more people and we all have them n our lives would really listen and see how good this way of eating is,100% great but please try atleast 50-70% and for goodness sake give up pkg. food,avoid fastfood,soda and con.stores!!!!!Enough said,so happy to have a place to ventxo


  • Ithink most of us who feel this change are more spiritual than others. Then again maybe we are people who like change until we find who we really are inside.

  • Yes that is most likely true.I just cannot explain after so many years trying to explain why certain food is harmful that certain people don’t get it. I am sensitive YES but I guess I was just realizing how many people,this site and others ….things could be changing.???

  • modhinamodhina Raw Newbie

    I think there are lot of different reasons people become raw. I feel this change-finally too!!!!!!!!
    I don’t think it means we are more spiritual necessarili, obviously more concerned with what we eat, but some of us are hear for health, some for animal mukti, some environmental, and by being live foodists we get to reap all of those benefits, ‘beit with perhaps a little less b12 than the rest of them !

    I mean it’s not like Thich Nhat Hahn is a raw foodist is he or does the Dali Lama eat only raw food?
    This doesn’t make us better people, but it does make us experimental and up for a challenge. I’m not running around in thinking I’m some angel because I eat raw food, I still have issues to work on….........as we all know and as we all do.peace and all that jazz

  • no one is perfect,but I def. feel some sort of change coming. Raw foods seem more available now. I wish more people would open themseles to this lifestyle. I am not perfect,I eat non raw things at time,but never fast food ,soda or pkg.food. it saddens me that people are eating bad things which explains cancer,desieaseetc.

  • modhinamodhina Raw Newbie

    I agree, so many times I would have had a better time going out with friends if they were a little more health concious. My issue is that people seem to drink so much, and honestly, I’m just not into it. There is still room for a lot of change as far as the general dietary habits of this country are concerned. It is definitely happening tho.

    I get a little tired, unfortunately, of explaining this to people over and over again when they come over and ask questions while I am eating lunch and work or school or whatever…...honestly I want to help others, but they seem to just want stare and not try it for themselves. I really just want to eat my lunch without having to explain or justify the situation. And the whole labelthing, are you vegan, are you vegetarian, are you raw???blahblahblah, I am eating and being healthy for the last 15 years, do you have to put a labelon that too? I wish I had some enlightening thing to say to them that would give them the idea that it’s not a black and white world, sometimes I eat something cooked like a sweet potato, and in the ayurvdic tradition they use ghee, very cooked, but vegetarian. If I am somewhere and starving I will have to make the best conscious choices I can at the time, sometimes fasting isn’t an option.

  • I do the same thing, But proud of my explanations. Teaching is a tool- whether they consume it or not (about the food ethics.)

  • modhinamodhina Raw Newbie

    Ntheraw, you mean about explaining or teaching about the raw food thing? Can you explain a little more?

  • modhinamodhina Raw Newbie

    hey thats classic
    sor high

  • I say unprocessed the best!!!! RAW really super good,vegetarian/vegan good and all the processed crap well…. I gave up soda,fastfood in 1989 never looked back. I have eaten things here and there but not as my reg. diet. I guess I get frustrated with the media promoting fast weight loss products,diseasecures and such when all people need to do is start to eat better,simlpe back to nature.I do not have all the answers but for years now know that when I feed my bodt simple foods,even oh my goodness cooked vegetables I feel better. I now embrace the raw veg.lifestyle but if I do eat a steamed vegetable ai always add raw salads etc.

    I don’t mean to go on some soapbox or anything I guess I am starting to see more raw vegan food available and hope that a new day is coming. Again,not perfect but eat way,way better than most of my family and friends ad have always been sort of an outcast,hope the chjange is coming and that the people I care about start to see thet truth. That said,soory to vent and I thankall for responding and this site with like minded people.

  • modhinamodhina Raw Newbie

    and I say thank god for people who view it like you do or we’d all be huddled around the salad bar at the local steakhouse.peace-blessings

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