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Who is your raw food guru?

I’m doing some research and trying to find the well known guru’s for raw foods. There are a couple raw food experts out there.

Who is your raw food guru?

I persoanlly like Ann Wigmore sprouting :)


  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    myself :) I do like David Wolfe though. He is a very inspirational speaker.


  • I enjoy them all! Here are the ones I have come across in my raw food path: David Wolfe, Shazzy, Karen Knowler, Alissa Cohen (love her!), Victoria Boutenko and family (love them, too!), Kate Wood, Ani Phyo hmmmmm (I am spelling from memory so sorry if I steer you wrong!).... and of course all of the beautiful raw food guru’s on this site!

  • I love listening to Kevin Gianni,He has so much motivation.

  • Brian Clement from Hippocrates Institute is very knowledgeable. I also really like Shazzie…she is the one who inspired me to go raw about 4 years ago! Anytime I need inspiration, I go to one of her old blogs. She also does great daily inspirational messages that help to keep me on the right track.

    There are so many others that I have learned so much from online over the years…David Wolfe is certainly one of them.

  • Victoria Boutenko,Tonya Zavasta,Gabriel Cousens,Ann Wigmore,Sherie Sorya,David Wolfe,Alissa Cohen,Elaina Love,Shazzie,and many others.

  • So many great people to learn from. I’m looking to go to a seminar or raw food course pretty soon. Victoria Boutenko has some great insight in her latest book :)

  • modhinamodhina Raw Newbie

    I am my own raw food guru!!!!!!!1

    but might I humbly add I do like to take good advice when I hearreadsee it and I have learned alot from all of those established ‘raw foodists’ and blogs esp. David Wolfe and Shazzie Nomi Shannon, Juliano and those ‘sexy raw bitches’

  • I have too many. Sarma Melingalis. Gabriel Cousens. Matt Amsden (just cause I think he’s hott). David Wolfe. I was really digging Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes until I started to think that they might have a tinge of an eating disorder : (

  • Well, my books from Dr Norman Walker,MD, Phd,doc of science, who I wrote to, and spoke with his wife, after he died. Ann Wigmore who I spoke with a few times was a very wonderful person, who would chat it up on the phone most anytime, and people she would suggest. A friend of Dr. Walker-Dr H.E.Kirshner’s books. Victoras Kulvinskas’ books, and now the internet as a returning raw foodist. I find it wonderful to have so many people living this life style to interact with, it is very lonely doing it alone, with little support and without such helpful sharing and caring. There are a lot of great raw foodists now and all of you and I are the gurus for a happier healthier world (=

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