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An old dog learning

kevin7197kevin7197 Raw Newbie

I’m 49 yrs old and very much interested in the raw foods lifestyle. I guess I find it all a bit overwhelming. I find it difficult to manage my time in a suitable fashion that allows me to pursue the raw foods lifestyle.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


  • Hi Kevin, I am returning to a raw food life style. I learned about raw 24 years ago. What I usually suggest is – you tube.com – where you can hear from people that have made the change to raw food or living food, see them preparing recipes, and learn about sprouts, etc. Adding as much fresh salads, sprouts, fruits and vegetables, raw juices, smoothie recipes & salad dressings if you have a blender, and learning as much as you can about raw foods makes it easier, as well as providing your diet with better nutrition and healthier ingredients.

  • kevin7197kevin7197 Raw Newbie

    Thanks Joy! I discovered the Raw Foods concept about a year ago. I finally bought a dehydrator, Vita Mix and a good juicer. My main struggle has been figuring out how to become a meal planner. I’ve always been an impulse cook and the concept of planning is completely beyond me, lol. And with my busy lifestyle, it’s been very difficult to get organized. I’m finding lots of good information on here though!

  • Hi, Kevin:

    I discovered the raw lifestyle about 25 years ago, back in the early 80s (great music back then, huh!). In those days there was no raw food movement, at least not like today. What there was, was Natural Hygiene, which was the sort of precursor to today’s movement—it was an updated version (updated for those days, anyway) of the Naturists of the 19th century and was made up of mostly older people who had healed of diseases.

    Anyway, just experiment with the recipes on this site that look appealing. Don’t feel you have to be 100%—unless you have a life-threatening disease, in which case you’ll want to take the quickest route to restoring your health which is 100% raw. It’s probably true that peak health is 100% raw, but you can leave perfection for the future. If you want to be 100%, you will be; but you’ll still be healthy if you are 90% or even 80%. The main thing to be healthier is to leave the processed and packaged junk out of your diet.

  • kevin7197kevin7197 Raw Newbie

    Hey Vegetarian:

    Apparently one of my glaring faults is glaring, lol. I’ve always been an “all or nothing” kind of person. I’m slowly coming to the realization that this is something where progress is the goal, not perfection. I’m learning to think about my food choices daily and make more raw choices wherever possible! I’m learning to be satisfied that I’m making better choices today!

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    One of the easiest last-ditch meals is the green smoothie, which when made with kale or some fibrous green is incredibly satisfying, although maybe boring!!

  • kevin7197kevin7197 Raw Newbie

    Great idea Carmentina, thx! I keep forgetting I have a wonderful Vita Mix sitting on my countertop that is very capable of whipping up a quick smoothie, lol. I have GOT to get out of the old, tired and conventional mentality of preparing foods!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    i think the best meals are the ones that are on hand anyway. every once in a while it’s nice to pre-plan, but you can make some BEAUTIFUL salads just by cutting different shapes with veggies, layering avocado, sprouts, etc… (things with different but pure tastes and textures) on lettuce leaves, or rolling them in collard green leaves… and voila! a raw meal in far less time than a cooked one.

    also, starting your meal with some fruit or a green smoothie will help you to be full. (fruit BEFORE for best digestion)


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